When I almost succumbed to Murphy’s Law which states that anything that can go wrong will go wrong, there was a glimmer of hope in my optimism.

Hurrah for that! =)

Instead of moping around and dwelling in remorse, it’s best to straighten things up. And I’m glad I did.

Putting 101% in my Desperate Housewives presentation was worth it, as it turned out just the way I wanted it to be. During the feedback session, Mr. Irwan said we had that 20/20 but due to our not being able to answer ONE question during the Q&A session, we didn’t obtain that perfect score I always aim for. Oh well, no biggie. I’m still as pleased. Yayss for us Daniel!! =)

Here’s to great partnership and more to come! Ya’ know, certain people can work well with one another without any particular reason. And neither of them have to be the ultimate student/employee of all time to be able to. It’s just, the pieces fit very well – like a balance of Yin & Yang. And in each partnership (twice so far), we have established that. He gets me all the time and so do I.

Compromise and co-operation at its finest.
*cheers Daniel*

An additional information I found out is the existence of the genre and Japanese sub-culture Visual Kei. A classmate of mine had presented regarding that topic and I was rather horrified about that genre’s characteristics. His presentation had enticed me to do my own research on that genre, as I realized that their disasterous sense of fashion has somewhat originated from that sub-culture in Japan.
Remember my rants on LaLaism a few entries back? Hmm… I think I know see the connection. Oh wait, lemme rephrase that.

– _^*` ii tHinK ii kNow seE thE cOnneXionzzz ohh ‘*^_

After slight research, i discovered that Visual Kei is a blend of rock and hip-hop. Personally, these two ARE NEVER to be mixed! It’s like mixing a boxer with a ballerina… and what would you get? Boxerina?

Somehow, people get it all wrong and recreated the culture as their own. It now becomes an excuse for their faux pas in heinous fashion crimes. The ‘lala’ dressings that we are often so repulsed by, now has an explanation! It’s actually called a ‘Lolita style, Harajuku and Ganguro style’ in Japanese.

They wear pastel and glittery eye makeup, tiny metallic or glittery adhesives below the eyes, flamboyant and brightly-colored clothing, layer-cake skirts, lace, leggings and incongruous accessories to achieve that look. Lala. Oh the painnnn….

In other words, FASHION DISASTERS!!!!
This could possibly make the fashion police hot on their heels.
Exhibit A in my previous post – herehere

I see it all over Penang now. Oh no!! Has ze lala came to dominate us all??

The trend of taking pictures in those annoyingly coloured photo sticker booths (known as Purikura booths in Japan) to stick all over their cellphones and wallets. -_-“
Let alone that ‘cutesy-cute-cute’ expression they pull and their misuse of the ‘peace sign’ positioned beside their cheek.. it made me already feel the bile at the end of my tongue.

Alright enough dissing.

sEE euU iN thE nexT poSt harRhzz
ii miSS eUuu orRhhXx
miiE giVe euU the bAii bAii firSt

Seriously enough dissing.
Gotta go hit the sack now, my hike’s at 8am tomorrow!