Screwed. Screwed. Screwed.

What’s worse than missing a class?
Missing a class that will help you in your mock trials

And I chose that class to miss, of all classes???

That was my 1st time missing Mass Media Law!
And it all went downhill from there….. assignments were a disaster. Imagine if I’d ask you to write ONE paragraph on the history of Mushrooms. How the fugg would you possibly do that if you don’t know nuts about Mushrooms? You’d prolly write that it is from the fungi species, ugly and tastes yucky as well. Yup, the bare necessities. Just like what I did for my Defamation assignments. *sigh*

And the mock trials? Don’t bring that up please.

I felt like a complete delinquent not knowing the proceedings and what was and wasn’t I supposed to do.

No badgering the witness
No leading questions
No statements to be made

What else? Sigh.
Seems like Greek to me… all because I skipped one class.

And that my friends, do not skip Law if you do not want to see him for another semester.

Mock trials preperations, MCS slides and Carter’s farewell surprise gift kept me awake till the clock strikes dawn. Damn

And I completely ran outta fuel having being awake for almost 33hours now... which made my body hit the biological snooze button anywhere at all. You could’ve guessed it. I skipped another class. Today’s class. Before the mock trials. And I missed out on a whole damn truckload of important stuff…. again.


Ever heard of Murphy’s Law? Anything that can happen at the worst possible time, will happen when it can.
Precisely what happened to me.

What is done cannot be undone

Ya know what imma do next? If it’s the best thing to do, I’ll do what it takes.
I’ll pick up the pieces and do what’s right again.
Go and study,revise, and research on whatever I can on Defamation and what I’ve missed out.


And wake up at a bloody hour tomorrow (you know I hate mornings) to see lecturer SuHu and seek clarification.

Oh well, some days just aren’t my days. But why does it have to be today????

But in the midst of downfall, there was a blessing in disguise.
A discovery.
Something so precious.
But that’s another story. =)