Alright, it’s time for the New Year’s resolutions again.. and the update on our Benjica™ album! I kinda look forward to the latter more than the.. *ugh*

Why? You ask. Probably cos I haven’t been actually KEEPING those resolutions and speaking of which, I don’t even remember the resolutions I made last year! Hmm.. and certain resolutions have been made over and over again since 1998! Which accounts to a 10-year resolution that was never kept!

Maybe this time around I’ll make a resolution to keep my resolutions!


I can have LiveJournal to make my 2oo8 resolutions for me! =P

In 2008, benjicajess resolves to…

Find a new chillin’.
Learn to play the cheeeeeeese.
Eat more choccies.
Cut down to ten sunnies a day.
Give some piercings to charity.
Stop partying with cayenne3.
Get your own New Year’s Resolutions:

Then again.. nahh. Oh well, meeting up Dubby later. We’re gonna do our 2oo8 resolution list and the year-end album.

See ya soon my lil oinkiehead! *muackss*