Just got back from the event, courtesy of Hotlink!

It was held at Zouk KL just now in the sunny afternoon. Mizz Nina had her album launch + showcase there, and guess who made an appearance? ALL THE WAY FROM USA!

at the photowall

Colby O’Donis of course! 😀 I was psyched to see them both perform before my eyes. Bet everyone there too was eggcited! Their duet and stage presence was brilliant by the way. Those back up dancers really dropped the beat too!

Loved the energy!

Besides those awesome performances, I attended the press conference and the round table session where I will be sharing some goss with you! And things you didn’t know about Mizz Nina and Colby as well as what goes on behind the scenes/in the making of their ‘What You Waiting For’ music video.

If you haven’t already watched it, you must! It’s fab 🙂


So whasss your name?

Heyy baby whass your name? 😀

Full post up tomorrow! Imma settle the videos I took during their mini concert tonight. Right, off to Xpax Xplay in Gosh Club now courtesy of Nuffnang MY 🙂 Time to unwind and partayy!

Oh, and before I go… a teeny-weeny Mizz Nina cupcake! Cutes!

Enjoy your Friday night too, loves!

What will you be up to tonight? 🙂