Remember the amazing  iTalk WHOA here and here that I blogged about not long ago?

Well, here are the updates which you should know and the FAQ as well 😀

To far-flung destinations like US, UK, Australia, China and Canada, users can enjoy the lowest call rate of 7 sen a minute only! Fabulous! I can now chat  my bestie Joyce for only 7 sen. This promo is only valid from today till the end of the year – 31st December 2010.

babe! Now we can talk cheaper wheee

Oh and, SMSes only cost you 10 sen when you send it through your PC from iTalk WHOA

Tested and tried! Works perfectly fine

If you’re not part of this iTalk WHOA phenomenon yet, then you better! Log in now to to www.

FAQ time!

All you need to know on iTalkWhoa Rates Promotion

1) What is the Start & End period for the iTalkWhoa Promo Rates? What are the countries involved in this promotion?

The iTalkWhoa Promo Rates will start from 15th July till 31st Dec 2010. The countries involved are:


iTalk Whoa


















2) Who can enjoy this iTalk Whoa Promo Rates?

All iTalkWhoa users can enjoy this promotion rate

3) Can I enjoy these rates if I am residing and making calls from the countries listed above?

iTalkWhoa is web based portal, therefore you are able to enjoy those same rates if you are making the call anywhere in the world.

4) How do I make the calls from iTalkWhoa?

To make iTalk calls from iTalkWhoa, just login to And click on the “Phone” tab. Choose the international destination and enter your phone number. Click “Dial” and enjoy the conversation. Do ensure that you have sufficient iTalk Credit before making any calls.

5) Can I enjoy the promotion rates if I make calls out of the promotion period?

No. This applies to calls made during the promotion that is from 15th July till 31st Dec 2010

6) Do I enjoy special rates if I make iTalk calls to other countries than as listed above?

Any calls made to other countries than mentioned in the above table are not eligible to enjoy the special rates

7) I am a Home Prepaid and iTalk for Mobile customer. Do I enjoy the iTalkWhoa Promo Rates?

No. The promotion rates are only applicable for iTalkWhoa users. To enjoy, register yourself now at

Simple right? This technology is a blessing woo hoo! Now that it’s almost the end of the holidays and that dreaded moment where all my besties and homies separate to continue pursuing their studies abroad.

I can still keep in touch with them via iTalk WHOA yet again! Yay!