So it was that time of the year again when you get another year older, another year wiser and another year closer to being an adult with worry lines, wrinkles and grey hair. Whoops 😛

if you've read the 100% RED birthday dinner I had with the fockers and the fun birthday bash I had with my friends in Twenty-One bar, guess what? The 21st Birthday saga has come to an end. This is the last series!


I totally LOVE birthdays.

Apparently, I seem to have convinced myself that my birthday lasts for an entire month!



What the heck, I only turn 21 ONCE and it's a big number! 😀 I don't mind being in a celebratory birthday mood for 31 days. No sirree!

So off my homies and I went downtown MOIS to celebrate a belated birthday with me. When I was still residing in Penang, this was my favorite haunt. Used to be there 3 – 4 times a week! And not forgetting the times I used to work there as a resident photographer. Ahh, memories!


So we opened a bottle of Jack Daniels and a Johnnie Walkier Black Label  😀



It started off in full swing! All the boys were mad! Kept asking me to bottoms up with them, especially Lin Chong and Chong Wei! -_____- aaauughhh! Don't murder me SO EARLY man! 😀 I still wanna enjoy the night first hehehee





When I was like, "huh? AGAIN?"

They went "YES! Don't care! Down it all!"



I'm glad to have best friends as crazy as me

When crazy and crazy unite, it's one night of mayhem! 😀


With them boys


Pimp daddy Chong Wei!



After numerous rounds of bottoms up craze, the worst was yet to come.

One of my besties MInny, walked right up to me with 2 shot glasses of pure Tequila and told me, "Happy Birthday Jessssieeee!"


I was like, "TWWWOOOO??

heh. One for me and one for you?"



She retorted "YES TWO. No, both for YOU!"

Uh–oh. *gulps*


Gawd I love them

Big hugs & kisses to Minny & Tannie 😀

(I was about to type MInny & Mickey LOLOL)



My man and I, with Mickey and MInny

I meant, Tannie 😀


Whoaaa. Man were they evil! I guess everyone planned to torture me tonight, for they kept pouring me shot after shot numerous times! Dei! DON'T PRETEND LOR! I downed it all already I swear! T__T This time it was 3-4 shots of Jack Daniels


Us with Lin Chong and Vivien


Felt a lil woozy immediately, but heck, after so much birthday "training" I think I may be immune to alcohol for the night! Either that, or my alcohol tolerance had yet again raised by one more level! 😀 I do hope it's the latter hehe.


We then hit the dance floor for some mad, good fun!


DJ Chaoz and DJ Coollen were on the decks tonight

and man, were they good as usual! 😀


All of us stormed the dance floor pretty much after 😀


I went over to talk to DJ Chaoz for a while and suddenly the boss of MOIS, Selva grabbed my hand and dragged me down. I was somewhat shocked, like errmmm boss, I can't talk to my friend a while is it? 🙁 🙁


Then when he brought me down the dance floor I felt like a little kid who had done something bad.

But no, I WAS WRONG!



awwwwwwwwwwwww bigbig love!



Instantly, everyone around our table was looking towards our direction. Like, what's going on? What occasion? Why is the bigboss buying this girl a Lambo? I was really touched for the thoughtful gesture. One of the best bosses I've ever had! 😀 😀 I gave him a big hug after! Thankew Selva! 🙂


After all those vicious doses of pure alco, I was turning redder and redder than usual


and a whole lot wackier! bestie and I with Carter



Brass iconography ring by Soak Republic

With my bff – soulmate – partner in crime – Joycie! (photobombed by the boyfie)


another one of my besties Minny! 😀

Lookin fine that night love



with the boyfie Josh . The difference our skin color! He has high alco tolerance yo

Double Coronation rings by Soak Republic



More random party piccies!


Us gurls 😀 Me with ma sexxay babes!


and our boys! Can't live with 'em, can't live without 'em! 😀 😀



We partied so hard that we almost forgot about the cake!

So they opened up the box and set it all up


Homies and I on my 21st birthday, July 2010 🙂


AGAIN with the cherries! 😀

Oh my, all my birthday cakes this year had cherries on them hehe



We then kinda had a cake fight some time after…


And Carter got caked really bad! 😛

It went into his nostrils, I heard! hehe!


Vivien and I with JoshtheCakeMonstar and LinChongOMGimHighOnCake


Pulled out the candles one by one with my mouth




We continued the incessant partying all night long


With awesome thumpin boomboompow of the base  yo!

It reverberates hard



Besides cake fights, we got into ice-fights too!


Poor Chong Wei became our victim with ice all down his shirt, stomach, neck and back!



Mannnnnnnnn the craziest things you can do under alco influence 😀


Okay! Enough with the party piccies. Any MORE and you'd be thinking I'm a party whore already. LOL All part of the birthday fun yo! Then, it's back to reality of working and studying every night! Bah. 🙁


Love you homies a bunch for creating insane waves of fun with me 😀 😀

and a big THANKEW to MOIS Penang for making my birthday memorable too!


Readers! So now you KNOW where to partayyy the next time you're in Penang ey? *winks*

Where else yo?