After I left Penang to come back to the city KL, I guess the homies and I missed each other's crazy hangout moments, parties, late night suppers and random pillow talking.



and as you already know from this post, we drove up Genting Highlands too for some fun.


Minny snapped this piccie of bestie Joyce and I

All of them crashed at my hood for the night




Not wanting to miss out on the KL party scene, they wanted in. I then brought them to where else but Zouk KL? That's my fave haunt on most weekends


Us getting ready… I begged Christopher to lemme make him up! 😛


and bestie Joyce joined the fun with some shimmery lip gloss!




We gave him the mirror and ran away. 😛 Needless to say, he cursed my whole house down and disappeared into the bathroom to wash everything off! bwahahhaha.


En route to Zouk KL




So we got there and hit the Mainroom and Barsonic. Our poor boys weren't able to enter Phuture as they were a year short of 23 LOL

(actually can one lahhhhh.)



Caught you red-handed Carter!

Thought you said you didn't smoke? muahahhaahhahahaa




Double Iconography ring by Soak Republic. So pretty right! My fave

My babe Minny and I coincidentally in blue 😀



When Penangites storm Zouk KL


Headed back home pretty damn late into the night. Took turns taking showers and couldn't exactly get to sleep after that.

Before we knew it, dawn broke and we packed out bags and hit the road. No sleeeep tonighttttt!


After a one hour journey, we arrived Genting Highlands!



Pretty damn coincidental that all of us were in hoodies!




Back indoors for a while for some lunch. As expected, we got ripped off! How could an average plate of Zhap Fan cost me 12 bucks?? And a normal bowl of Bak Kut Teh costed Joyce and Chris 42 bucks. RAWWWRRRRRR welcome to Genting.


My favorite girls in the world!



We were talking loosely about the future one fine day and sorta made a pact that we would be each others' bridesmaid on our Big Day. But the question remains, which one of us will end up married first? 😀 😀 Guess only Paul the Octopus knows the answer!


Mirror mirror on the wall

Which girl will be first walking down the aisle?



Back outside.. time for the Pirate Ship! No not the lame ass Pirate Train but the Pirate Ship! I could remember riding this years back and got awfully nauseous! Let's just see if i can stomach it again this year!


Us waiting for the loooooooooong queue



by the time we got closer, we saw this signage.

Looks like we're not tall enough 🙁 Woe!




Kidding! We rode it anyway.



This is bestie Joyce and I






It's a wonder how my camera didn't get flung 100 meters up in the air!




Played more rides and waited for more…


I'm a certified BB Addict 🙂

Mine was pimped courtesy of Berry Addictions! Go get yours done if you love your BB too!



And we finally reached my favorite ride of all time! The Flying Coaster ala Spiderman!

It's my fave because this is the only ride that didn't give me the butt-away-from-seat feeling which I so despise



because this ride required its patrons to STAND during the rollercoastering

not sit 😀 But we loved it anyway.



Sadly this wasn't the kinda ride where you can sit over and over again like the rest of the rides. This ride costs 10 bucks each time we enter. and I wonder why! 🙁 Maybe it's privately owned.. bah humbug.



Walked around catching a breather in the chilly weather


A short Vlog I did!




😀 😀



okay where was I?


Yeah. the compulsory spot to take photos

Don't know why I never fail to do so with each visit to Genting!



Took a lil stroll around as some of the rides were closed for maintainence – namely the Corkscrew (damn!) and the Solero Shots. So we ended up in Jurassic Park look-a-like thingy and spotted this very STIM bird who was trying to keep his eyes open  :


Go sleep lah hou sum lei.

Don't need to entertain us one.




Mushroom land!


We kept exploring and arrived at the carnival part of the Outdoor Themepark.

You know how there would be fun fairs where simple games can be played to win big fluffy toys?


I had my eyes glued to this adorable sea horse!



Didn't exactly want to give those ring tosses a shot. Come ON! What are the odds your ring gets hooked onto that tiny stick? The probability of your bouncy tennis ball to nestle quietly into the pail 5 meters away from you are extremely slim anyway.









We wanted it but Tannie tried…. tested…… and gave up LOL. Told you the odds were close to impossible. heh.

The one that the fat man with skinny pointy legs and equally pointy nose (sorry can't remember his name) aka stepdad managed to win for the adorable Agnes in the movie Despicable Me was just well…. VIOLENT. haha!



Saw lotsa people wearing this woolly hat thing too

Likewise, snowboots and winter jackets.




Minny and I even counted how many people were overdressed for winter that afternoon


Our Verdict : Malaysians have no where else to "winter dress" in Malaysia
 Genting is plausibly the best excuse to don pretty winter clothing





So as much as I would love to purchase this furry hat, I put it down in the end 🙁

But I will come back and buy it before I jet set to UK next year I swear!!!



*secretly hopes to go in time for winter*



Another Vlog!




😀 😀




Underground at the Rolling Thunder Mine Train

The queue was so long we decided to jump over the ledges and leave midway


Night fell and we kept ourselves (and pockets) busy at the Monte Carlo casino all night long! It's really amazing how time actually STOPS when you're in there, really. I had my rounds at Baccarat, French Boule, Roulette, Big & Small, Casino Wars and the rest.


Not gonna tell you how much I won (and lost) in total! 😛 Simply because.



Compulsory shot again

kthxbai! 😀