Palettes and palettes of shades everywhere!

It’s almost like a kaleidoscope of shimmery colours and pastel hues.


Guess where I am now?


 Greetings from Kanebo’s makeup counter in Parkson, 1Utama!


In the last couple of weeks, I was invited to review Kanebo’s latest makeup range – the ‘Sandy Beige Purification’ brought to us by LUNASOL’s 2014 Spring Makeup Collection.

This features purifiying makeup for spring inspired by the scenery of the sand. The collection shows different aspects of monotone and emphasizes natural beauty without making colours stand out too much.


 The Kanebo counter at a glance.



Just a little background before we begin.

Founded in 1887, Kanebo Cosmetics is now a leading Japanese producer of cosmetics which comprises 4 brands under their wing, namely Kanebo, LUNASOL, Impress & Blanchir Superior.

As mentioned earlier, I will be featuring LUNASOL’s latest range which includes their basic skincare, base makeup and point makeup today. Wink


But first, take a look at an overview of the many swatches of colours available from their entire range from the previous collections to the latest!




Exciting no? With colours like that in endless amounts of bottles, palettes and applicators, we girls will definitely be spoilt for choice!


Anyway… let’s begin. Ha Ha


On average days, this is how I would usually look in my everyday basic makeup.


I must admit I’m not a pro when it comes to make up. Crying

Heck, I don’t even know how to apply full make up!

There are lots of things which I omit in my daily make up regime like primer, make up base, eyeshadow, foundation, loose powder, concealer, blusher, bronzer, highlighter, illuminating powder, lip liner and gosh only heaven knows what else women usually slap onto their faces. Surprised


So clearly, I’m excited! Let’s see what LUNASOL can surprise me with!





LUNASOL Watery Oil Cleanser.


Since I already have my makeup on, my make up artist had to first remove it.

This is a cleansing oil with a light feel without any stickiness that instantly cleanses away hard-to-remove makeup, impurities in the pores of the skin and blackheads.

Two rounds of this was applied to ensure face was thoroughly cleansed.

I loved its citrus bubblegum-like scent! Laughing





Also known as Balancing Milk, this is an emulsion that captures moisture while regulating the water-oil balance.

Leads to succulent, stable skin with a smooth, fine texture.





Also known as the Moist Conditioner, this is lotion with a succulent, mellow texture that quickly reaches moisture to the entire skin.
It leads to translucent skin by regulating the water balance. Smile

My makeup artist Tshu Chiao was gentle in applying the skincare for me and took the effort to explain whenever I raised a question about the products and ideal skincare regime.



 Ta-daaa! There you go, my naked face.

Hope this doesn’t scare you cos this is how I look before any makeup. Haha!


After the Basic Skincare, it’s now time to move on to Base Makeup.



 LUNASOL Smoothing Makeup Base



This makeup bass helps to fill visible pores and uneven surfaces with a creamy texture and creates an even film over the skin to leave it silky smooth.
It also absorbs perspiration and sebum, and this non-greasy texture as when first applied lasts for many hours. Laughing

Plus point: It also has a sunblock in it! – SPF22・PA++




 LUNASOL Modeling Beige Skin



This innovative “Nude Base” was born out of LUNASOL’s famous eye shadow “SKIN MODELING EYES Beige Beige” that makes the skin look beautiful. Wink
Its light texture instantly beautifies your skin while conditioning the skin tone and texture to achieve incomparable beige skin.

This foundation also has a sunblock in it! SPF30・PA++




 LUNASOL Skin Contrast Face Powder


A face powder that contains micro-particle powderS that meltingly blends with the skin, leaving it crystal clear and elegant looking.

This helps to achieve a velvety smooth texture, as if a translucent veil lies over the skin!


That’s the end of the Base Makeup, which preps your skin for the Point Makeup.

Initially, I didn’t know what Point Makeup meant as well. Frown

I found out that it is actually your regular makeup such as eyebrow pencils, eyeliners, eyeshadows, lipsticks, blushers and so on. These colours helps to give life to your face!




Did you know that using different tools for your eyebrows will make your eyebrows look different? Yeah, I didn’t know either.

LUNASOL even has this thing called Brow Styling Mascara! For review purposes, I decided to stick to the basics.


LUNASOL Brow Styling Pencil and Brow Styling Compact Powder


The pencil allows users to draw lines as if adding individual hairs to the eyebrows.

Thick or fine lines can be done with a soft touch to create eyebrows with a natural, soft look. This is easy to use so that anyone can create beautiful, detailed eyebrows.

The powder on the other hand, creates natural, three-dimensional eyebrows. (wow, right?)

Natural-looking eyebrows now has more depth by adding the nuance color to three light and dark colors. Definitely recommended for the advanced makeup users! (Not for newbies unless you are naturally gifted at makeup from the start)


I fear I might make a complete fool of myself should I attempt using that.




 LUNASOL Sand Natural Eyes


A four-color eye shadow set that consists of beautiful monotone colors, as if cut from the scenery of sand!
All colors meltingly blend with the skin, and the overlaying exquisitely accentuates the natural contours of the eyelids for a dramatic look.

Check out the effects of the 4 different colours palettes:



They have the Neutral Sand, Clear Sand, Warm Sand and Cool Sand.

So which did I choose? Personally. I love dark makeup.

By dark makeup, I am referring to darker shades and darker, bolder and deeper colours that stand out! I used to have a goth/emo/punk phase back when I was a teenager so I guess this streak still lingers in me a little. Electric Shock

Even till now, I absolutely dislike the ‘barely there’ or ‘nude’ makeup look. It makes girls look so pale and odd. Just my two cents.


 Needless to say, I chose the forth one – Cool Sand.


 They actually have another range of eyeshadow as well.

Sand Pastel Eyes, which comes in light pink, orange, yellow, green and beige.



This is a limited-edition bi-color eye shadow set reminiscent of the scenery of sand.
These shiny colors with sand-like sparkles sits over the airy pastel colors for a spring-like finish adorned with clear colors and sparkles.

Unless I am going for a garden party, a kid’s birthday, a baby shower or a wedding dinner, I usually don’t wear ‘sweet’ pastel colours. Told you, I fancy the bolder, darker colours that packs a punch and an attitude to boot. 😉




 LUNASOL Shiny Pencil Eyeliner



This is a pearly eyeliner pencil that naturally blends with the skin while defining the eyes.
It emphasizes brown variations with superb nuances.

After applying this eyeliner, I found that it wasn’t dark enough for me. 

So when I mentioned that it wasn’t dark enough, my makeup artist quickly recommended something darker and bolder called the Intellectual Liquid Eyeliner.


 LEFT: Pencil Eyeliner | RIGHT: Liquid Eyeliner



This liquid eyeliner draws professional-looking eye lines with a delicate touch.
The long-lasting effect has been enhanced with the same smooth touch that is unique to a brush-pen-type eye liner. It blends with the skin and defines the eyes naturally.




LUNASOL’s 2014 Spring Collection does not feature any mascaras for that ‘spring-like’ fresh-faced neutral look. But the mascara is quite a vital tool for me so I insisted to have it on.

Here’s the effect of the Lash Defining Mascara from previous collections.


 Yup, that’s me. My kind of kohl-like cat-eyes




 LUNASOL Sand Natural Cheeks


Let it be known that I have never applied blusher in my entire life before. LOL!

Honestly, I don’t like pinkish rosy cheeks as I prefer a sharper, more sunken, chiselled look  due to my naturally high cheekbones. (Although my prominent cheekbones can get quite annoying in photos) Cry

Another reason is that I wasn’t blessed with a good complexion so applying blusher might only emphasize that flaw. 🙁

Regardless, for my girls who like to apply copious amounts of blusher, check these two shades out!


Natural Pink and Natural Orange.


This is a limited-edition cheek color that looks as if the ever-changing scenery of sand has been captured inside it.
Blending three colors creates a subtle radiance and healthy look and also blends well with the skin tone to create a natural, healthy-looking complexion.




 LUNASOL Full Glamour Lips


Introducing 6 new colors for spring inspired by the natural color of the lips.
This adds a luster that appears to come from within while complementing the skin.


This lipstick is so fun to apply!


You can clearly see the moist, rich colours from the texture on the back of my hand. 

It comfortably adheres to the lips with a meltingly smooth texture and brings out the beauty of the skin with a fresh color and luster.

Ha HaHa HaHa Ha

We’ve come to the end!

Wow… 6 steps in total of Point Make up. And that doesn’t even include the first 3 steps in Basic Skincare and the next 3 steps in Base Makeup! Surprised

Now I totally get it when people wonder why girls take so long to do their full-makeup.


Just to show you the difference, here’s a funny photo of me.

The left is with full makeup and the  right has no makeup. So weird!


This reminds me of DC Comic’s Batman’s arch-enemy – Two-Face.

So just like me, left is with makeup and right is without makeup HAHAHA


After I was satisfied taking the pictures, my makeup artist continued with the other side of my face to balance the look for the final outcome.

I must say that I’ve learnt a lot from her and am happy the results of the makeover! Laughing



Despite feeling a little odd with blusher on (my first time!), I think she did a fantastic job at recreating LUNASOL’s 2014 Spring look on my face with a slightly dark twist – just to suit my style, as requested.

Here’s a Before VS After shot, like I promised.


BEFORE (no makeup) VS AFTER (with LUNASOL makeup)


I usually go to the office without makeup (and even wear my glasses!) or with very light makeup on.

The only time I wear makeup is when I’m hanging out with my circle friends, going out dating or late-night partying. Apart from that?

I’m a monster with no makeup on HAHA. Ahh!


Decided to throw in a little extra. Here’s another Before VS After comparison!


BEFORE (My usual daily makeup) VS AFTER (LUNASOL makeover)

I like the right one better! Hmmm.. maybe I should consider using blusher after all 😛


 Thank you, Kanebo for a wonderful evening.

I learn so much about makeup, blending, and skincare that I never knew prior to this!


 Also, mega credits go to my makeup artist of the day Tshu Chiao.

We got along so well!


If you fancy LUNASOL’s new 2014 Spring Collection, why don’t you pop by your nearest Kanebo counter?

Check out their store locations: here


You can always give their gorgeously packaged products a little try!


 Or get their gift set to surprise someone special!


And if the evening wasn’t pleasant enough, KANEBO also gifted me a little cute pink pouch containing lots of travel-sized skincare and makeup before I left!

Such a nifty little surprise. Might be putting that up for a mini giveaway for you readers to enjoy so stay tuned. Wink

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For more information on Lunasol by Kanebo, get in touch with them!

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