Exams are over and the mid-term fever has subsided.


Even the results have been returned… well, some of them. So far, our batch only received our Organizational Communication and Copywriting results.

I’m pleased to say that I did well… happy, mom? =)

Anyway, that’s not the point of my entry for today. The point is the following question: Ya know how amazing it is observing the ways people study and revise prior to the exams?

It is.

And trust me, KDU Mass Commnunication students really possess eccentric attributes in their methods of studying.

Check ’em out for yerself:

Notes and last minute (literally!) preparations sprawled over the floor outside the Exam Hall

Crossing of eyes and grinning widely to ensure maximum receptivity of information from notes

Relaxing in a Zen position (with notes) to achieve Nirvana before the exam
*Ohhmmmm…. ohhmmmmm*

Walking around with notes in hand and of course, a fag as well to help during stressed moments

Apart from fagging, singing along with the iPod helps too

And lastly, what can one do but to whine and release tensions before sitting for the paper?

Even the non-mass commers have their high (exam) fever blues~

At last, with our awkward but worthwhile efforts, we made it through the examination week.

*picture removed due to personal request*