Today’s post is going to be slightly out of the ordinary… and odd.

As the title says, I’m moving.. AGAIN.


This kinda explains my disappearance from my blog for several days.



I’ve been too busy with my new job, and all the moving to my new house.

Plus, my blog was actually down for 2-3 days – I had no idea! Major thanks to my friends and readers alike who informed me the very morning it was down.

Actually, by the time you’re reading this, I’ll probably still be shifting all my furniture to my new crib.


Looks like I’ll be tearing down my display cabinet & pack it all up for moving AGAIN :/

Firstly, no, I’m neither any sort of gypsy nor do I enjoy living a nomadic and itinerant lifestyle.

Secondly, I’m not one to be superstitious nor remotely close to believing that ghosts exist.

And thirdly, I believe that trust binds a friendship together.



But throughout the past year or so, my second and third stance has come into direct contradiction.

I have been experiencing rather strange occurrences that always seems to conclude as a case that will remain inexplicable, for as long as there is no form of evidence. 


How strange, you ask? Let me list out what I remember, you judge.


1. My favourite pair of boots was gone from the house & was hidden at my condominium elevator

2. My milk (carton) sometimes gets mysteriously drank & emptied

3. Almost 20 missing items of mine (clothes, accessories and other paraphernalia) 

were found in a housemate’s room. Three times.

4. My Milo supplies (unopened packets) went mysteriously missing from my food box

5. A housemate’s AUD500$ disappeared from his wardrobe

5. My expensive Aldo, Pedro, Charles & Keith and Nike shoes disappeared from my shoe shelves 

& found some thrown into the communal garbage chute of my condominium. 

Altogether, FIVE more were never to be found ;( 

(A crime that I deem heinous, considering how much I adore my shoe collection, 

I swear your unborn child will bring you misery as he/she grows up, for doing this to me!) 

6. My four boxes of chocolate milk ended up in a housemate’s clothes box

7. Food goes missing (sometimes, but frequent enough)

8. A housemate’s toothbrush was found wet (in a dry bathroom),

with several fine hairs and sticky dirt in its bristles

…. the list goes on. 

A ghost burglar, unseen pranker or any one of my housemates? Thoughts?


P/S : These things did not happen within the SAME house.

It happened in House A which I desperately moved out and away to escape from, hence moving into House B – *hopefully* ending the strange happenings once and for all.

BUT similar mishaps happened again, in House B.


I’m way in over my head here! :/

No doubt, I would be out of my bloody mind if I continue with the same living settings/condition.

This has gotta stop. So here I am, all ready to pack my things once more, to relocate again. 



I miss my permanent residence back home in Penang.

Really, I’m quite sick of moving in and out here so often after every few months.

Is it so hard to just want a comfy, secure place to call home? :/


Hopefully, this will be the last time I’m moving for a long time.

Because… guess what? :D


When we were 19, bestieJoyce and I told ourselves that IF we were to be in the same place at the same time in the future, we would live together. 

(We eventually went separate ways to the UK and Australia respectively to pursue our education)


BUT five years down the road, who would’ve thought

 that our little pinky promise would come true? :D

We’ll be staying in the premium township of Mont Kiara, upper west side of the KL city centre! 

Our dream home is just perfect! A cosy crib for the four of us. 


Looks like I’m gonna miss my old place :/

Then again, I’m so used to moving that I’ve lost any strain of emotional attachment to properties.


Oh which reminds me, some of you have been requesting to see my room since last year so, here it is!

I admit I can be quite excessive in decoration, as you shall see :P


Welcome, welcome!

My room during the day

My room during the night

I’m a sentimental person by nature, so all the cards that were given to me by wonderful people

that I have been blessed to have in my life, are hung above my bed-head.

Some of my decorative items & bottle collection

Room interior aside, what I truly miss about my previous home was the spectacular view.

If you’ve been following my tweets, you would know that I often wake up just to catch the sunrise.

(and go back to sleep after that, duh!) :P


I wake up to this every morning. How could such a splendid start of the day not be worth remembering? :)

And as dusk descends, I watch the sun setting in the horizon too.


Glorious, glorious golden rays of the sunset amidst the vermilion skies,

framed with the silhouettes of nearby buildings & hills in the distance


One of the rare solar eclipses I managed to shoot one evening in 2012


Well, let’s just say that despite having nostalgic memories of my previous rooms & the previous houses I used to live in, I simply cannot wait to move to Mont Kiara with bestieJoyce and the boys. 



Something went awry, and bestieJoyce and I (plus the boys) will not be moving in together anymore. There were some issues between the house owner and us. Thus, we rejected the place and pulled out from the contract.

I am now living with 3 awesome housies in a condominium situated uphill with an amazing view of the whole suburb and the sunset! Simply love my new crib and the neighbourhood is amazing – peaceful, cooling and surrounded by lush, landscaped greenery.



Back to the issue, what really is the solution to end this indefinite move from one place to another?



I now declare that my next big investment/asset in the near future will be buying a property of my own… for good.

Wish me luck! I’m a girl with big dreams :D