Who would have thought the biggest enemy of DOTA would end up actually liking it? *grins*

Alright, truth be told, I hated DOTA not because of the game; it was because it was a boyfriend-stealer. I feel neglected each time he’s at it clicking away for hours on end at that offending game. When he doesn’t pick up my calls, doesn’t text me for what felt like an entire day, or doesn’t bother to check in on me, it spells a certain deprivation of love & attention.

But I decided to give it a chance. To fully understand the rationale of why this & why that & how could one be so wrapped up in his/her own world once DOTA is taking control. I need answers to my questions!!

Dear readers, let me introduce you –
BeezleJug. That’s my screen name.
If anyone in FTZ, Netcity or Infinity comes across this name by chance, that’s me alright. =)


I used to be mad when he doesn’t call/text for a long time.
The thing is, when you’re farming & denying other people, trying your best to run back to your base to heal the HP or even making your way to the tower so that the creeps and other heroes doesn’t wipe your HP points away, it’s just not possible to call/text!

I used to be annoyed when he doesn’t pick up/reply me
How is one to do so when your in full concentration with your team mates trying to build strategies to earn money, re-gen & experience to level up and then destroying the opponents base? One lack of focus can cause the opponent (Scourge or Sentinels, depending on which side you’re on) to appear from the fog where you will be caught by surprise and be instantly cornered by them!

I used to be annoyed when his texts seemed ‘distant’ or ‘cold’
When you have 15 seconds or less to respawn , and to compute how you’ve been wiped out or even typing to your allies about the next plan or so, it is almost impossible to type a full-fledged message. (I took 2hours to text dad about something)

I used to think DOTA was for lifeless geeks.
It’s not. It’s a strategic game which requires learning & experience to understand what skills and range does that hero have, or even whether that hero is an intelligence, agility or a strength type of character.

All this coming from me,
I’m rather surprised as well.

So ladies out there having an all-out war against DOTA just the way I did, I implore you to give it a chance. It’s nothing like all our oversimplified representations or passive assumptions. In fact, I just had a round or two in Netcity yesterday. Truly a very interesting learning process, step-by-step, from farming and securing the last hits, and lately denying, pwning and buying the recipes to items. Oh and, there’s a secret shop! =)

Oh and, I’m obviously a noob.
Hey, it’s only my 3rd time. Duh.

It’s expected right? =) I hope

No worries. I’ve got good players like Mr. Gavin Chew, my own boyf Benjamin Tan, my buddy Carter Tham, my lil bro Sim and the rest to teach me a thing or two. Certainly you don’t mind guiding me in certain doubts right? =P

Btw, Dubby has installed Cabal for me and yeah, I’m starting to enjoy it.

Aight, gtg to my Facebook now. I’ve something very important to do. There’s a group called something like ‘If this group reaches 10,000 members, my boyfriend will quit DOTA’ and guess what? I’m leaving the group now. *grins*

Like I said, give everything a chance before you judge.

I’ve learnt that now.

Again, if your boyfriend/husband refuses to quit DOTA entirely and he doesn’t know how to explain why it’s actually important to him and you still don’t get it, take it from me. I had to go through everything and now, I’m actually playing with him for the very 1st time.

known many couples who argues and breaks up all because of DOTA and many girls vehemently despise this game. Well, that’s all because YOU refuse to give it a chance to understand and share the excitement.

YOU are being unreasonable & selfish to his favorite past time.
He would never love you any less just because of DOTA

……for that would be totally absurd.

It’s not what we think. At all.

I proudly rest my case. My fatal war has now ended.