I know this is probably a month late but I kept having more and more things to blog about that Zouk Out completely slipped my mind! Pardon me… teehee!


So yeah, as expected, ZoukOut 2011 was an absolute wicked one.

Probably just as good as last year celebration of 10 years of ZoukOut, aka Zouk10ut if not better!


My gurls and I 


So before we entered the main Siloso Beach of where ZoukOut '11 was to be held, the whole lot of us decided to dive straight into our own party. Pre-drinks at the adjacent beach.

Don't know what beach it is but it sure worked for us 😀


Chilling at the bench during pre-drinks


I miss my Aussieguest Carly 🙁

Come back to Malaysia soon!


Venessa and I

ZoukOut once more hey? 😉


Take two! 😀


We finished the bottle in a jiffy


We made friends with ol' McDonald from Detroit, USA!


Chugged my last glass in the water


Alright, that's a wrap!

Now that we're all pumped up, hyper and tipsy, it's time to adjourn for ZoukOut 


Where the party began 4 hours ago!


Just three enthusiastic partylovers amongst hordes of  many others!


Correction: FOUR!


Correction: FIVE!


Correction: SEVEN!

And the number just kept growing


Once we entered, we started running helter skelter, exploring what this year's Zouk Out has to offer

Mostly the same good food, good things on sale and heaps of freebies up for grabs!


Went to the Havaianas outlet


Played with the giant inflatable flip-flop! 


Bumped into an old friend, Adelyn 🙂


And a few others too – Danny and Charlene

See, we Penangites came all the way from the north for this yo ;)


After all the exploring and fun, we escaped to grab a bite of the nearest yummy food possible


Headed off to Mcdonalds!

Where I impulsively bought a slurpee cup with a red bikini on it :O



With our satiated tummies, we marched back to where the party's at, ZoukOut '11 awaits us 

I've made a video compilation of my ZoukOut 2011 experience, watch out for it at the end of this post!


Got to the main stage pretty early to secure our spots

DJ Simon Dunmore was playing at that time


Raving with my buddies! Ze clan and I


Party vibe is building slowly! 😀


Squeeeeee! Carly piggybacked me 😀


Bumped into another Penangite, my old friend Sabrina 🙂


At last year's ZoukOut, I came to watch my 3 fave stars in 2010's line-up: Tiesto, David Guetta and Afrojack

This year, I came fully anticipating DJ Chuckie, Avicii and Armin Van Buuren


and……. DJ CHUCKIE IS UP! 😀




There were fireworks blasting across the sky as we partied!

DJ Chuckie kickstarted his set with a remix of Daft Punk's 'Around the World' and was playing various EDM tracks of his own including remixing those by David Guetta, Rihanna, Swedish House Mafia, Benny Benassi and more.


There were beer showers everywhere too!


His 2 hour set was pretty radical, I must say. I enjoyed watching DJ Chuckie's facial expressions too; they were so animated and at some parts comical! 😀 He also really knew how to work the crowd.

And then… it rained not confetti, not streamers… BUT GLITTER (Blimey, I actually thought it was sand!)




Nobody else comes close to these nasty levels… IT'S AVICII! 😀


Got up to Level Two so fast that I had to blink twice before confirming that it was indeed 2 white girls

holding up the Malaysian flag while screaming AAAAAAAAAVIIIIIIIICIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!! 


So proud of my country's flag but then again, wait.. what? Malaysian flag? White girls? Avicii?

Am I missing something here? 


Avicii's 2 hour set was stellar, just as I had imagined it to be




He shot the party to the skies the moment he appeared on the decks with 'Fade into Darkness' as his opening song before proceeding to his other popular tracks like 'Sunshine', 'Swede Dreams', 'Hello Miami', 'Freedom' and more.



The young Swede and rising starlet Avicii (aka Tim Berg) also remixed popular favorites like David Guetta's 'Titatium', Diddy's 'Coming Home', Nadia Ali & Alex Kenji's 'Pressure', Tiesto's 'Escape Me', Coldplay's 'Waterfall' and others. 


While raving, the gigantic, transparent beach ball landed on our heads!


Ohhhhh~ Sometimes, I gotta good feeling



The feeling was surreal when Avicii played his debut 'Levels' right there and then.

To see 'Levels' playing LIVE RIGHT BEFORE MY EYES BY AVICII HIMSELF was unlike any other.


Everyone else in the crowd could relate; they were just as euphoric as I was!


Major love fo my gurls for the awesome company!


Sex dolls were flying everywhere.

Heck well, naked blow-up dolls, more of. They sure looked like sex dolls to me LOLOL


At 5am sharp, something bigger was coming our way.

Already almost at the crack of dawn, there was no sign of stopping us ravers from welcoming the World #1 trance legend for several years in a row, ARMIN VAN BUUREN! 😀 😀 😀


It started off with a big bang


He greeted his fans and loyal revellers with arms wide open!


Nothing could bring me down.

T'was amazing to finally rave to Armin Van Buuren LIVE and seeing him in the flesh after following his 'A State of Trance' (ASOT) episodes and yearmixes. *swoons*



Ohmylord. Armin was so charming that night.. not to mention unbelievably talented too


When he spun Cosmic Gate feat. Emma Hewit's 'Be Your Sound', the crowd shut their eyes, jumped and traversed into an uplifting state of trance. :D:D

It was absolutely food for the soul 


Bursts of confetti (and glitter!) were everywhere

More fireworks came in abundance too!


I recognized the songs from his yearmixes.. nothing beats hearing it LIVE.


The beach ball kept bouncing up and down amongst the crowd!


Rave it up, rave it good till the morning light!


He played till the sun came up 


Now, here's my video montage of ZoukOut 2011 through my eyes 🙂

Experience it visually, embrace it and make sure I see you at this year's rave beach party of the year 





Only a true rave begins outdoors with thousands of people, rising its temperature with triple the amount of people and ends waaaaayy past the sunrise 😀 😀

Every year, ZoukOut is a true pinacle of a rave party. ZoukOut 2012, we shall meet again