Wow.. the last time when I stayed up the entire night was some way back during camp and the other was one of those parties. And now, I’m having immensely-heavy eyelids, a migraine, runny nose and reduced to nothing but a daylight-walking zombie.

Nope, it wasn’t a hangover nor a camp.

It was the bloody final projects for this hectic semester. I’m so glad I’ve finally finished my MRM-Friendster research, analysis and report.. worked on the PR Suicide campaign’s report… and updating the progress of my editorial and layout work for our newspaper – The Daily Scoop

All these, and more caffeine for 8 consecutive hours until I had to leave in the morning for lectures in college. It’s another marathon tonight!  @_@

Attention: Attempted Suicide by Student in Depression.

    Melvin Low Jin-Yi a.k.a Vegemaster’s suicidal plans had been foiled by his beloved classmates and Film Lecturer. He escaped the class premises by creeping out of Room109’s back window and onto the ledge. Scoping MGS schoolgirls as his final hormonal-driven activity, Low,18 decided that it was best to end his life tragically by plunging from the 1st Floor of  KDU College and into the vicinity of the young and innocent MGS girls’ compound.

    Khaw Kenn Wee, also 18, came to his rescue. He managed to coax him into getting off the ledge and succeeded in luring him back into the class with a stick of Pika-Bika. Ruby Tan (inset) opened the window, thus allowing Melvin to re-enter her class.
Melvin, in a state of shock, was attended by paramedics and sent to his grandmother immediately after the incident.

This excerpt was written originally by the owner of this blog and the names stated are only  part of her imagination. Any similarities of the characters towards anyone in real life are entirely coincidental. =P
copyright of Jessica T: any infringement will be severely dealt with  =)


Surprisingly, Ientered Film class all prepared to catch up on some sleep as I thought we would be watching some boring and dry documentary – I was wrong.

The movie shown to us was one of the French Impressionist films; where deft camera techniques were being used as opposed to the Classic Hollywood Narrative Structure. Irreversible, was the name of the movie. It’s pretty cool how they twist the plots and scenes to make you go, “What the…?” and finally go “ohhhhh!!!!” at the end of the movie.

and I DID NOT FALL ASLEEP considering the fact I was lack of rest.  Instead, I was kept glued to the screen. However, I found the rape scene particularly disturbing. It’s so beastly till I had to turn away.
Sorry to digress but, that French babe was a sizzling hot chiqita!

2nd movie -We’re now watching a German Expressionism silent & monochromatic film, ciao!

oh, and I hope you’ feel much better now Melvin. =P =P