A part of my life’s chapters has ended.
Like we said just now my dear friend, it was beautiful while it lasted.

We closed the pages with love and affection just 5minutes ago
Now, we both can go our own ways and experience new things
Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.

Deep down, we do still share a love for one another
It doesn’t matter if we do, love can be shared in a friendship too

For all the songs you dedicated to me, for every kiss you’ve planted on me,
For every hug that we kept warm in, for every lovely moment we shared
For all the love you’ve showered upon me,

Thanks for the memories

It’s fantastic that we’re still the best of friends, telling each other everything and anything
Remember, I’ll always be there should you need someone to talk to
and I know you’ll be there for me too! =)

Here’s to our wonderful 3 year relationship, a beauty that will be preserved