AHAHAHAHAA. I bet I should more or less be one of the last people to post on the nuffies’s Mama Mia screening in GSC Gurney Plaza. =)

However, I didn’t go for the movie despite wanting to soso much.
Exams can be a pain in the you-know-where.

Anyway, I made it a point to head to Gurney Plaza after exams on Monday night; right after my revisions for the next paper. Wanted to meet up Wenzi & Diese so much! But Wenzi was busy eating dinner and Diese was breaking her fast when I arrived. So… it’s Dance Dance Revolution in the arcade for me and boyfie while waiting.

Guess who I met also?

nuffies & shouters : JJ, CharlesKey & I

Yup, met them just outside the cinema.
Aishehhh JJ looks so smart in the striped shirt & Charles looks so cool in that bomber jacket thingy. Why, of course they look extra nice! Today is the day where everybody meets inside the cinema!

(of which I had to miss)


Well, I’m glad I wasn’t the only Penang nuffie missing it.
Ceddy dear didn’t plan to attend it as well, but whilst walking around,

(psst: Look at him! Ain’t Ceddy the sweetest thing?)

Oh and btw, mission acomplished. I did meet up Wenzi & Diese. I had to storm to Kim Gary where the former was still in the middle of his dinner. Diese, Baynn and I met n chatted for a short while on the 7th floor.

wheeee at least we met!

But waaaaaiiiit a minute. I just recalled that I’ve met Wenzi before!

yes! I snapped a picture of him too!

… together with AlvinHaagenDaaz as well over supper at Northam Beach. I remember all of us sharing a plate of Satay when I ordered.

To digress a little, boyfie & I have always thought of buying a pair of Crocs despite acknowledging that it is the ugliest looking thing on Planet Shoewear.

But.. the question still remains, why do people still buy and wear it around like it’s the hottest thing on earth?

I wonder.