Adonis and Ivan are rambling on about some weird techie stuff and some new game called Cabal. Hmm… computer and gamer geeks. Oops! =) Don’t take it to heart guys – I still love yall all the same! Anyway, being a computer geek ain’t a bad thing, it just shows that you are more tech savvy and inclined to the pc. *claps hands* While I on the other hand, has always been a victim of technology’s idiosyncrasies. Most recent mishap being the fact that my precious laptop had crashed last night. 

Yes. Pretty damn awful right?
I am officially devoid of all my pictures, songs, other documents and applications which I worship so terribly. Thanks Ivan, for lending me your laptop to release my depressions here on ElleJay. Yeah, I was kinda emo again last night. Facing the loss of my one and only companion of a laptop, being constantly irritated by a certain someone, having another to call me up to chase me for cash while my boyfriend is fast asleep and my best friend getting drunk. *sigh* Why aren’t I out having fun? Thanks Sim, for keeping me company and taking all the bullshit I throw at you. Really appreciate your calls.

Now, they are still talking about techie gadgets – LCD televisions. Hmm.. I can’t help but to eavesdrop.

Aight, Mr. SooHoo is back in class. HE FINALLY OWNS A PACKET OF TISSUE!!! A warm welcome to your metrosexual self