I’ve just came to a point in life where I acknowledge a rather queer thing about myself. Yes, I just realised it today. In class. In Mr. SooHoo’s class to be exact.

We were given a debatable topic on whether or not judges do make law. (Stop it you people who are putting their noses smug in the air claiming that they, in fact, don’t. Like I said, it is A DEBATABLE TOPIC by many scholars) Well as you can already guess by now, I belong to the proposing team. Haha.

I was brimming with ideas, rebutles in mind and how I was to deliver it. I was mentally prepared and all geared up to prove my point of view. Like any debater would, they had a full mind of confidence and an arsenal of defense in their voicebox. Yes, I felt exactly like this entire paragraph.

Only to realise that I didn’t do as well as I thought I would. But why?? All these are just my classmates for chrissakenot carnivorous freaks of nature bearing ther mandibles at me! It’s just so strange as to why I froze up. I believed I could have done it aggressively with more conviction. But why wasn’t I as verbal as my usual self nor pugnaciously driven as I can be? It was a dissapointment. I just knew I could have done better! Oh well, maybe today just wasn’t my day; being under the weather for two days now. But that’s still not an excuse. *hangs head in abasement*

Pretend you didn’t read all that as per above. I’d deem it too insignificant to bother.
On a happier note, Dubby dropped by today to take care of me. In addition to giving me some affection during my break time. Yeah, I was still ill but so much better now- taken my meds too. And yes, Hunn, I’m fully aware that you skipped training just to be with me when I’m unwell. ♥ ♥ Love ya boo.

And to my other friends who said that I looked like I was half dead, YOU NOTICED! =p My best friends for showing me concern, mom who flared up when I didn’t eat my tablet (Yes mom, I know you care). I am blessed to have all of you.

much love