Woo-hoo!! The red-headed chick is back again!

This time with extra attitude to boost. I’m glad I asked for it to be that way – I took a a gamble and was really in high hopes that it would turn out the way I wanted it to. It better be, for that amount of money does not grow on trees. =)

I’ve always wanted it to be like the colour of  the lead singer of Paramore-meets-The Veronicas and hence, I finally got what I wanted. Not entirely though, for I am Asian born with naturally black hair. That’s probably the closest so far I’ve gotten.. oh well not to worry, I’m still young innit? =P

Here are some of the piccies I’ve taken. In different angles, because if you look closely you can see different shades of the tones only in certain angles. So here they are –

Yeah, so in slight movements, different tones will be more obvious than the other. Some see red, the others see brown and the rest see purple. My dear friends, no one’s wrong =)  – it’s all three.

I’m diggin’ it! Worth my cash.. ouch

Finally, to Dubby

 and all my friends in college, gym and anywhere else, thank you all for the compliments! You guys made my day