With my usual weekends spent in the city of Melbourne, I am usually nomadic and tend to succumb to aimless shopping and gallivanting.

Either that or just hangin' out with my citymates over a cuppa…. and hitting the pubs for a drink or two at night.


Shoppingtime at Queen Victoria street market

Yes, stop staring at my feet. I fell prey to the trend of UGG boots.


I know I once condemned its hideousness but then again, that's what everyone once said about Crocs in the beginning too.

Once you find something that suits you, you'll eventually end up strutting down the street with your favorite pair. And they keep my feet warm from this chilly weather of averagely 15°C


Sales. Sales… oh the music of sales.

Bells are ringing, I swear. Whenever I walk past a display window, the new arrivals and lovelies beckon me to come closer. Like the Pied Piper of Hamlin to the rats and children.

Retail therapy. Say no no no no before your bank dries up, Jess.


Also, when you're in the city, remember to eat your heart out.

Try things that are not available in your home country. In my case, would be Malaysia. So when in Melbourne, get to Subway's Chicken and Bacon Ranch, McDonalds' Angus Beef Burger, Hungry Jack's Bacon Deluxe and the list goes on.






this is mild food porn.




There's more than just fast food, obviously. Deli restaurants, international cuisines from every part of the world you can imagine (I will share my Greek escapade pretty damn soon 😉 ) and yes, chocolate lounges are a must-go.


Again, I'm sorry if you're lactose intolerant!

Because these are pretty fine bites of cocoa


Now, excuse me while I devour the entire shop and tip the weighing scales 😛


Holla me if you ever come down to Melbourne!