When I heard so much about the 7aste New York that will be happening in Penang, I just wished I was back home to party!

But too much things on my hands here in KL to be able to travel back and forth for a short period of time. 🙁 And that sucks real bad.


ouumaigawd it's New York yo! The land of cosmopolitan living!


Why do all the things I wanna go for be so far away from me? Emo.

And that's when… bing! Something awesome made it's way to my email inbox


Okay YAY! 7aste New York is coming to KL too?

To think that one has to travel far and wide to experience an international-themed event. Haha no more, it comes straight to us!

I like it when there's something foreign in the haus! I've only went to one 7aste event so far and trust me, I loved it!



Blogged about it here if ya wanna see! That was the 7aste Monte Carlo installment in Ecoba 🙂

Think wine, casinos, can-can girls and shiny cars!



Here's a buncha pics taken at the previous 7aste event! 😀



It's contemporary, classy and packs a punch of sophistication! Yeaaaaaaa… that's what I'm talking about.




Oh and, for those of you who wants to join the fun too this Friday, ya might want to pre-register first as a 7aste member first.

Because non-members will be charged RM77 upon entrance. Yikes!


To those that I have invited, please study the map below in case you get lost

Dress code? Party like the New Yorkers do! 😀

What would you wear to best express that? *winks* I'll leave that to you!


Here's where you can register – 7aste.com

Don't say I didn't tell you if you burn your 77 bucks for not pre-registering!




Best -part is, I've NEVER been to Hex & Mayfair before. Pretty cool name for a place, if I do say so myself. Can't wait!

Hmmm.. so all I need now is a swanky chaperone dressed imaculately in a shiny tux and a 7aste limo to ferry me there *winks*


So what say you? Coming to the Big Apple aka New York? 😀 😀

 See ya there New Yorkers! (or at least we could pretend to be one for just one night 😉 ) heh!