Come Fly With Me! 🙂

Those were the 1st words that greeted me as I stepped outta the lift and into the premises of Wacoal's 62nd Anniversary Cocktail Masquerade.

This post is a little late – I wasn't able to find the photos of Executive Director Mr. Hisao Sugiyama ;(


Might ask for the Official Photographer for it though, cos the Jap boss Mr. Hisao was sucha warm and down-to-earth guy for a big shot he is. I enjoyed talking to him as he was really friendly to all of us too.


I Masquerade parties!!


Since I was a little early for the event, I was ushered to the lounge to wait with the other early birds as well.

We were then served cocktails, fruit juices and red wine 😀


Mannequins donning the latest lingerie from the Wacoal collection


I had to wait quite a bit. As the rest of my friends were expected to arrive late; Malaysian traffic jams. *rolls eyes*

The event began later than the scheduled time as well. But I found something to occupy my time anyhow!

 Spotted a huge infinity mirror to camwhore with! 😀 Ohjoy!


Feeling slightly restless, I started walking around to check out the grandeur of this vicinity

Floor-to-ceiling windows, crystal chandeliers and polished doors fringed with sturdy wooden frames. What I'd give to live here 😉


After the appeasing exploration, I went back to the lounge.

Boy it was rather chilly outside! 

Took a slug of wine from my glass… while waiting. Didn't notice I finished 2 already! *hic


Finally! The waiting lounge was getting more and more crowded with guests dressed to the nines.

I guess people come in waves! 😀

Buddy Anis arrived just about the same time too. She looked, in my opinion, fabulous in her long blue dress and all made up!

Dressed all in blue. What a contrast to my dark pink flowwy dress 😀

I should have toted my reddish-pink bag too. We would match if I did!


After mingling around over lotsa drinks, it was time for the showdown.

We were all ushered to Favola, the famous Italian restaurant where the cocktail party starts!


 Brought along my glass of wine! Didn't wanna waste as I was almost done


Capturing moments again.

Even before I've laid eyes on the food, the place was enough to mesmerize me 😀


Entering Favola!!

A whole friggin' table of canapes!

Best appetizers for any cocktail party ever


Anis and I certainly enjoyed the tapas food there


Oh and this one is really delish! It's the Squid and Scallops canape


So much to go around… and in so many varieties!


Unsure of what this is called again, but it was one of my favorites of the night :

Tiny lil pieces just makes you crave for more, ain't it?


Loved the Bruschetta's there too. They had choices Tomato, Basil, Smoked Salmon and Tuna.


Camwhore break! 😀 😀 😀


2 ladies dressed in blue then came strutting down the podium.

Armd with fancy violins, they boasted catchy tunes and melodies with each swipe of their bows


Yup, certainly got us going!


Their outfit somehow reminds me of Tinkerbell from Disney's Peter Pan 😉 hehe


After the superb performance, Stephanie Chai (the host for tonight) then gave all of us guests a warm welcome and cued for the fashion show to begin. One by one, lovely, lanky ladies with svelte figures catwalked down the podium in Wacoal's latest lingerie series. ;)

Here are the fine pieces from the Parfage collection.




I watched as these models sashayed down the runway in Wacoal lingerie, looking effortlessly beautiful and sexy. 

I guess what makes you feel great inside does project a certain amount of confidence on the outside!

Anyway, here are some from the Moi Cree Neo collection :




it doesn't stop there. For a moment, I felt I was in New York or Milan watching Victoria's Secret models doing their thang.

The blend of the ambience, the music, the lingerie and the music was two thumbs up 

Let's continue with Wacoal's next collection. This one is called Sensuala :


 So chic, no? 😀 This one above is my favorite of them all


Here are the more extravagently showcased ones, with bizzare props and whatnot.

Make way for the Sorci collection ! Heh. I like this collection, it sounds saucy too 😛 😛





Once that was over and done with, there was still 2 more collections that has not been exhibited.

They are the Jia cami and the masquerade collection.


I wasn't around during the Jia cami show… nature calls! :P So this is how it looks like, for your sake hehe.

(Photo credits to news dailies Harian Metro and New Straits Times)


This breakthrough homewear is made with 100% pure cotton for comfort and breathability


As the break in between shows was kinda long, Anis and I took the time to feast on the tapas delicacies served for dinner.

Believe me, they were marvellous. Good food should always accompany a good event = a good night to remember!


With the chef!


The main tapas food were served ala buffet style; and with dishes as mouth watering as these, it's hard to stop at one bite.

You'll see why as you scroll down. I'lll let the pictures speak for themselves!







Whilst eating, I bumped into Winnie!

It has been quite a while since we last saw each other so we did a little catching up 😀

She looked ravishing in her black sheer laced dress


 The fashion show soon picked up where it left off and ended with a big bang of a masquerade fiesta

Dressed in elaborate Victorian styles, the models took to the stage and stole everyone's attention




A marvellous lingerie fashion show. Job well done! Kudos


Also, I found it to be a very bright idea that this masquerade event was held at Favola.

Just check out the walls!


Bright shiny masks!


Speaking of interior decor, there were Italian scriptures written on the ceilings at every section of the corridor

How enigmatic!

I'd like to ink a a scripture on my collar bone too, something that no one comprehends!

And here are the English verses, back-to-back!


Dessert time!

Raise your forks and prepare your sweet tooths!


Just look at the array of delightful sugar rushes.




But no dessert can ever beat my all-time favorite Tiramisu!



Oh look! It's a house specialty too.

Gotta try em fo shure!


Heaven in a tiny glass.

It kept this sweet tooth a very happy girl with a satiated tummy 😀


Thank you Wacoal for the amazing night of splendour!

Congratulations on hitting the mark of 62 years 😀

Happy Birthday! It was celebrated in much class and style indeed