After sucha loooooonnngg journey, we've finally arrived in Bali!

What came as a pleasant surprise was that we were greeted by our chauffeur with a garland of pretty and sweet smelling Frangipani flowers hung around our necks 🙂


Thanks for a great start to our island getaway already!


Checked in to our accommodation for our holiday, Hard Rock Hotel Bali!

As we speak, it's already our 2nd day here. As expected, an amazing stay so far, 3 more days to go 😀


At the signature photowall just outside the hotel lobby


Today was crazy, they brought us around for a full day tour around Kintamani, Ubud, Tampak Siring and so many other places with foreign names I don't remember! 😀 Also, if you've been reading my tweets, you would know that we drank some coffee made out of Civet Cat faeces. (Yes, I meant shit)

Hehe. So catch ya later! Will blog soon 🙂


It's so freakin' rare to get any internet around here so I've just parked my arse in Starbucks Coffee at our hotel for a bit.

Enjoy your weekend loves!