Wooo hoo!

Urbanscapes was just a few days ago and like my previous post about it, I mentioned that I actually spent the entire day there – to my surprise as well! 😀 Heck, it just shows that I did have great fun there with all my buddies!


So I arrived at noon sharp and walked in despite the scorching hot weather. Believe me when I say it was scorching hot, as not even sunblock, caps or sunnies could arm me from the harmful rays lor! Confirm sunburn one.

The first thing I saw was the 'Angkat Rumah' volunteers and of course, the 'Rumah' itself

Those 300+/- people did an awesome job of carrying it all the way here regardless of the obstacles they faced!


In case you were wondering why they are so silly carrying a mad-heavy wooden house for 3hours in the hot sun all the way to Urbanscapes when they could easily hire a lorry to do all the work, it's actually a tradition of the old Malay folk back in the days.



10 seconds of carrying the stilts!



Yes back then, people didn't have the luxury of trucks and whenever they needed to shift from one place to another, the whole family and villages would unite to literally carry the house (angkat rumah) to move.



10 seconds of carrying the wooden house!



This Angkat Rumah project borrowed from the aforementioned tradition and followed suit to carry their wooden house prop all the way here. Kudos to the peeps behind it! Or rather, beneath it? 😛


Effort worth every joule of strength!


Below, Nuffies Mich, Rach and I are taking a chance to be in a picture with that iconic house 😀


Super love Mich's dress by the way!

So long and flowwwyyy



I began my voyage with one aim in mind – to scour through ALL the blogshops/facebookshops in the fashion bazaar located at the Marketplace zone and pick out anything novel that sparks my interest. Guess what! I managed to visit all the shops in 3 1/2 hours!

Here's the 1st thing that I bought, a long tank top  with newspaper motives


Bought it from Phat Culture

and spotted cute bright yellow boots gurls!



So I walked and walked and walked…. and bumped into some friends! 😀 Awesome meeting some familiar faces when you least expect it, ey?

Note : I told you it was hot!! See, they were peeps carrying umbrellas behind us! hehe.



Bumped into my awesome classmates Sha-Lene and Cyren 🙂



What's better than bumping into more friends during an event?

Lotsa pretty faces and cool dudes whom I call my friends 🙂

Nice bumping into all of youuuuu



And so I continued my way walking and walking about, caught sight of this adorable doll!

This totally reminds me of the days where I would dress up my barbie dolls with numerous clothes and accessories. Only this time, the accessories are all branded haha. Spot the Burberry scarf and Louis Vuitton handbag below


You can geddit at Plasterdoll

It can be a gift or as a collector's item to frame up




Also walked past a store that sold various books, novels and other reading material!

Check out these 2 book titles, pretty interesting


So, things to know about the opposite sex!

Hmmm. I wonder..



Saw some gorgeous masterpieces on display! It totally looks like paintings on canvases, right? Love the splashes of vibrant colours! I probed further on who the artist was and was told that these are all digital art! 😀

Wow. I had no idea some magic touches of Photoshop, Illustrator or whatever nifty program they use, can result in these marvelous paintings


If I ain't wrong, it goes for about 100++ onwards



Yet another labour of love here.. handmade lipbalms!

When I asked, I got to know that she made it all by herself by carefully mixing the vaseline, Vitamin E and other necessary natural ingredients.


So pretty and conveniently sized too! 😀

Find out more at Mynrose's Shop



On the topic of handmade items – you should most certainly not miss my sponsors, the accessories extraordinaire Soak Republic !

Most of their stuff are handmade, if not imported 😀


Tis' the season for badges yo! Go military or anything you want

Look the part by getting your funky badges from Soak Republic


As usual, their booth was one of the busiest around! I was there for quite a while to check out the new arrivals and to have a chat with the owners Pei Shan and Tiffany. More and more girls thronged their store and I could tell that everyone loved their pretty accessories!

Soak Republic has the most novel and unique items around! From rings bearing leopards and owls on them to handmade hairbands and blingbling trinket charms 😀 Go crayyzeeee choosing them all! 😀


You'll be spoilt for choice, trust me!



Okay no need to trust me, you can see for yourselves 😀 😀

These pretty clip on trinkets can be hung as bracelet charms or as cellphone charms too!


The ice-cream cone was among the faves!

I will show you the ones I ended up choosing yeah? 🙂



Speaking of unique stuff, lemme share another pretty thing by them! It's a real watch that tells the time, not just another piece of accessory

it's hanging around my neck now as we speak! It's like the watch belonging to the rabbit in Alice in Wonderland!


We're late!!

We're laaaate!

Okay, these are the trinkets i chose 😀

A key (to represent my 21st birthday) A camera (my passion)

A Heineken bottle cap (my affinity to alcohol) An owl (no reason, it's the owl trend now)


Love those cute hair accessories too!

And have I mentioned I am utterly and totally in love with their rings?

So are most of my friends! They have the sexiest and funkiest rings ever.



Case in point 😀  This is the pop art-ish double ring they have!

Go pop a look at www.soakrepublic.com on your own to see all their awesome stuff 😀



I managed to squeeze out amidst the thronging crowd in their store to manage a picture 🙂



Here we are, Pei Shan and Tiffany with me at the front of their booth

Love u girls! 😀 Successful and fabulous all the same



Continued my journey blogshop hopping and I stumbled upon another thing that I found rather interesting.


Super old skool right? 😀

Classics always have a place in my heart. Marilyn Monroe & Audrey Hepburn FTW!



Next up, I saw something that resembled pizza boxes all stacked up on display. Curious, I walked on to find out more.

So they were selling graphic print tees with lotsa cheeky statements and designs!


When I asked why the boxes, they told me that "packaging is important!" Hey, looks DO matter, right?

A little bit more expensive on them, but a great idea for a gift! 😀



Meet the boys from Pestle and Mortar


They gave me a 2 polaroid stickers and it's now stuck to my desk LOL 🙂



Next up, is a friend's store! I'm sure you've heard of the popular MyFavoritees right? Well yup, Jeremy's the brainchild behind it. I must say, for a guy, you have splendid taste in both guys and girls clothing And very up to date with the latest trends too!


This is my tank top which I got from them

Thanks for the fedora hat too! 😀 Uberlove.



So sad that the Germany tank top is outta stock! Blahhh. 🙁 Sad. He manages the store with his mom btw. The duo can be seen around in flea markets and fashion bazaars! Such co-operative mother-and-son relationship! 😀 awesome pawsome you two!


Hi auntie! 😀 Hope you remember me hehe



Next time, I got this transparent black lacy top from Star Very Berry


You probably can't see very clearly here but it's great to pair it with bikinis in the beaches!

They've lotsa pretty hair accessories other than apparels too



What stole my attention next was a galore of bags hanging at a nearby booth!


Mad amount of retro and funky colorful bags hanging all over! 😀

 They've a shop at Rasta TTDI too btw



More interesting things I saw! I like the Thai lookin' stand-up umbrellas 🙂




Finally! I have finished the outside market place! 😀

Met up with Lionel at the entrance – thanks for the ticket! and off we went inside to grab some lunch before I explored the place further

How coincidental, we were both in fedoras




So after downing an ice cream and a packet of noodles, which costed me RM15 in total, I feel so exploited FML. But nevermind! I guess it's normal for events as big as this to have equally expensive food. heck, a bottle of mineral water costed 4bucks the last event I went anyway.


Somewhere further inside, there was this Electric Tea Party thing going on


Amazing how one can make music by just dipping in your finger in water!

I'm no physicist, but my guess is that it has gotta do with vibrations, water levels and electric current



Meet the cuties, the masterminds of this Electric tea table!


They so deftly plugged in the USBs, different leveled water tea-cups and marbles

Behold the magic of music 😀



Was sitting down chilliing by the benches with some friends and so happen to make friends with this very pretty Caucasian lady. She was very pleasant and I got to know that she was going to perform in one of the plays in the afternoon. Wanna meet her? 😛




Yes you probably can't tell she's a beautiful young lady

Disguised by an old Malay man costume LOL



We taught her some Malay words that she written down before her act began!


And she managed to say "RUMAH TERBUKA! RUMAH TERBUKA"

and lots more I don't remember



So I moved along and saw the Tongue in Chic booth. They set up a photobooth for a contest! Lota pretty clothings and accessories to doll up with 😀 Lotsa fun camwhore moments too. Bumped into editor of TiC Sue Ann susumilk too! Long time no see yo



on the double!



And in that TiC zone, was more food and shopping! 😀

Bought something from LahLahLand too


it was a bejewelled black tank top! I have a similar one in white too

Loved it so much so I bought the black one hehe



Next up! Saw more cute stuff! Saw them at Ring Apartment and the Brollies


I used to collect all the letters of the alphabet back in primary school 😀


Phew! After all those shopping, watching performances, eating I chilled at the lakeside with Joanna and the rest 🙂


Super relaxing. She left me for a short while to buy some food and I started to lie down

Almost fell asleep if she didn't come back on time!


Randomly, if someone were to push me over that ledge in my state of sub-consciousness I'll be helplessly drowning anyway LOL


But while we were chit-chatting, some activists came over and asked us to sign a petition postcard thing. They were pledging for the anti-establishment of a coal factory in East Malaysia. Hey, it's dangerous and detrimental to the environment.


Pretty postcards to be sent to the Prime Minister!



So i picked mine, donated some money and signed it too. Hey, it's for a good cause even IF he didn't actually read them one by one. He'll prolly tell his secretary to read it out for him or summarize what the entire thing is about 😛 😛 busy people!


All accessories by Soak Republic

I wore the watch necklace on the spot! 😀 Love it



It was getting kinda dark and so we went inside KLPAC to check out the indoor things there.

Among the things I saw!


Nice lightboxes! 😀


Artists at work!

Can you tell what it says? I can't 😀


So beautiful! What can the world reward these talented people with? sigh!




A few of us then walked to the Lawn Stage section to catch some concerts by our local musicians. Here's Yuna! 😀 I interviewed her before for a magazine sometime back. She has gone a long way since then! Proudda you gurl!



and another local band called Kyoto Protocol. The name was adopted by an environmentalist group but no, their lyrics has nothing to do with environmental issues. 😀 they're pretty damn good though!

See the PASSION while performing? haha 😀

You can actually feel it brimming



Time for the fire-breathing performances! Seriously, those hunky men were juggling ropes on fire like nobody's business! They must've practiced for years, those pyromaniacs 😀 Fabulous performance!


They wowed the crowd like no other


Ouch! Careful not to burn yourselves boys 😀


There was a girl in the house too! 😀

Woo hoo she kicks ass



After the entire looooooooooooooong day (I'm sure you can tell by how loooooooooooooong this post is) I was exhausted and made my way out. Imagine, a whole day under the hot sun walking around non stop, buzzing in and out.  But I had fun nonetheless!


On my way out, I saw the Rumah in all its glory

Decorated and lighted up! So pretty



Thumbs up to Urbanscapes 2010! 😀


I had a marvelous time, can't wait for next year round


Phew! Uberlong blogpost 😀 Hope u liked it!

xoxo! Gonna go hit the road to Ipoh now for my 21st birthday dinner with the focker family 😀