I've always wanted a red party of my own – and that day finally came!

My family planned an all-red birthday dinner for me during my 21st at San Francisco Steakhouse 😀


When I saw my dearest fockers in red before dinner, I raised my eyebrows with a pleasant surprise. Each and every one of them were decked in red! No, Chinese New Year did not come early this year. I found out that it was just for me 😉


with my lovely red guests 😀


and that's not all. I fell in love with the table setting too! The centerpiece was decorated with red roses in full bloom, reddish candles and on every seat there was red folded napkins with each a glass of red wine.


The view of the table from my seat! 😀


Not forgetting the red tablecloth too!



I was still in awe, sitting there at the end of the table admiring the entire set up, while watching my loved ones chattering about. It's all slowly getting to me! My own red party – finally! 😀 Played with the stalks of roses a little…



I liked the outlet too!

It was more to a bar – cum – fine dining – cum – restaurant – cum – chillout place



They bought yummy red wine too for all

I can haz moarrrr!! 😀 😀


😀 why, thank you!

And I had a very cute pretty boy waiter serving me throughout the night too.




Fooling around with the cam before the food came. Got photobombed by godmom!!


Red Zipper Hairband + Iconography Ring by Soak Republic

Check 'em out! The Coronation Crown Rings on my left hand are from there too 😀



More fun-loving moments with the people that matter most to me 🙂


Meet the fockers! 😀 They're one awesome bunch

Granny, Godmom, Uncle Mike, Mom and Kakak (she's been my nanny since I was 3!)


Kakak fascinated with the humongous plate of imported fruits!

Goddy taking control over my DSLR cam while mom and I posed away ;)


Ladies 3 generations playing around with cherries and camwhoring with roses

Granny, Mom and I 😀





That's Uncle Philip and Aunt Karen below 😀 Figured I wanted to take a last shot of the table before everything gets messed up with food later.


….not predicting any cake fights with this crowd but still! One more for the memories 🙂

I'm sure the fabulous crew at the Steakhouse put in lotsa effort for this – THANKEWWW again.

ESPECIALLY ANDREW who was in-charge!


Very coincidentally with the arrival of the food, Germany VS Argentina began their match for the Quarter Finals. Excellent! We could all watch the showdown and cheer on the hunky Germans all the way while eating. Speaking of Germans, let's take a look at the German Sausages that was served


Almost a foot long! My, my..

One of the biggest ones I've ever seen *wiggles eyebrow*


The cheese and garlic lobsters were the freshest and finest I've ever tasted as well

Pretty bad to take seafood during the healing stages of my new tattoo but what the heck? 😀


I ONLY TURN 21 ONCE. *winks*



Lovely lovely… and succulent too!

I hear they cost over 200bucks here. Very well worth it


Mom loved it just as much as all of us did! 😀



Slowly but surely, Argentina was beginning to get thrashed real hard by the Germans.

Go Germanyyyy!!! All the wayyyy Germannyyyy!! I didn't buy your team's jersey for nuthin'! 😀 😀 😀





The scores were getting more and more promising, and I was pretty convinced that Germany would whoop Argentina's ass tonight there and then. Was kinda engrossed in the match when I was surprised with a huge, round, chocolate cake with exactly 21 lighted candles!


Such a pretty cake! and I bet it will taste theyummmmmmmsss too 😀

The live band sang me a birthday song and after that I made a wish and blew off the candles



I make the same wish every year… hmm… now I wonder what that is? 😉 hehe

And when I thought all is over and done with, I was very, very wrong. I was surprised once again…



… with a beautiful bouquet of 2 dozen red roses!

It was given to me by my favorite uncle of all, Uncle Mike



Tonight will definitely be one of my most memorable nights ever. New age men and bachelor boys are always girls' best friends! (after diamonds, that is) They always do the most thoughtful and sweetest things! For planning my surprise party in such detail all the way up to the roses. Thankewwww


I'm never really a big fan of flowers ever, but how can I not be overwhelmed by a huge bouquet of roses – all in my favorite color!

That was such a sweet gesture. Looks like flowers will always have a place in a lady's heart 😀





Hurrraahhhh!!! 😀 😀

Mom and her 21 year old rebel



In case you were wondering what she got me for my birthday, it's the necklace I was wearing tonight

Scroll up picture#7 to see it again 😉



It's a very pretty cross made out of of Rubies! This gem represents the month of July, hence a Ruby cross. And most importantly, IT'S RED!!!! Squeeeeeee 😀 How lucky! Granny and Godmom got me a White Gold bracelet which I was wearing throughout the night as well. I know you're reading this guys, thanks again 😀

I love it, and am still wearing it now!


My loving focker family + the nanny (now, why is there a gap between Granny and I?)

Hmmm.. My guess is that Grandpa wants IN too 😀 He would fit in that space perfectly



Oddly, that actually makes sense 🙂 He would've loved to see his grand daughter turn 21. I'm certain he was right there in the family photo, between Granny and I *beams* I love you kungkung!


us with Uncle Philip and Aunt Karen!

Just like daddy at home, they gave me an angpow too, thanks yeah! 😀



No one would exactly let the birthday girl go that easily. The fockers made me bottoms up a few glasses of red wine before I left. *gulps*  But I assure you, I'm ay-okayy and still standing!! 😀 😀 Totally different from the night before LOL

Yeah yeah fine, not denying it. I wasn't so okay by the time the night ended during my birthday party with a group of friends in Twenty One bar (more on that on the next post I promise!)


A big gracias to the Fockers for making my 21st a memorable one

You're the best family one can ever ask for!


Obviously I've only had ONE family but whatev-

My statement still stands!! 😀 😀