Hey hey loves!

Just got back to Penang for a short break to visit my folks and to party with ma Penang homies 😀


As expected, woke up with a slight hangover this morning. Nothing too dreadful though.. don't worry! I still managed to drive perfectly well! hehe.

A big thank you to ALL OF YOU who had played a part in making my 21st birthday celebration a blast. Although this year's birthday is is yet another birthday that won't be able to remember due to intoxication, I still have photographic evidences that never failed to make me smile – seeing all of your faces there, and that matters the most


You know who you guys are, the whole lot of you who made it even on short notice!

Really meant a lot to me 😀


I've opened the presents you guys gave me this morning upon waking up and I love them all! It's really amazing how you fellas pay attention to the details of what I like and heck, most of the presents I got was in red and black! Clever clever.

One of the gifts was a Topshop leopard print G-String too, who bought me that!?!?!? So cute of you!

Will show all the presents in the next post kay!


Only managed to squeeze one photo so far, stupid drunk face.

The rest are on my DSLR, will show you soon!



And for those of you who couldn't make it, thanks for your wishes! This includes all you fellas who took the time to convey your birthday wishes to me via phone calls, SMS, MSN, Facebook, Twitter and in this blog.

Gotta get ready for Round #2 of partying tonight, this time in my all-time fave Mois No.1 Upper Penang Road 😀