When mid-year comes around, it has been a yearly ritual for me to throw a birthday celebration and document it somewhere somehow on this blog.

Ushering in the 1st of July with the company of my friends and family serves as a reminder to me of how blessed I am to have these special bunch in my life.


Birthday eve :D


Despite being occupied and busy with everyone's respective schedules, I made it a point to meet up with the ones dear to me (and the ones whom I've not seen for a long time!) on the eve of my birthday. 

What could be a better reason for catching up for a sit down gathering over yummy food & some drinks?   




For the ones reading TheJessicat.com for a long time now, you have seen me grow (or perhaps even grow with me!) from the birthdays I spent as an innocent high-school kid, to an angsty scene-punk teenager up until my party-hard days as a young adult. 

For the new readers out there, hiya! The archive of all the birthdays I've spent are here


A birthday kiss! One of the many birthday presents he showered me with this year 


That's another one 


They were lovely. Couldn't help it 😀


Despite being still baked from last night's waywardness, I made it to my birthday celebration at Antipodean Cafe @ Bangsar, albeit a tad late. 

It was great to see how all my (early) guests were already talking and made friends amongst each other!   


The 12 of us at dinner!


I called upon the waiter to bring out the food-for-sharing I ordered on top of our individual main meals at the table.  

Had chosen 2 bowls of Potato Salad, 2 bowls of Spinach & Mushroom Alfredo Pasta and 2 plates of Rendang Chicken Satay for all!


The thought of these delights makes me wanna go there again! 😀


Chit-chatting & catching up over dinner! :D


So glad to see KK & Chia Li! 


Loads of laughter too! :D


Current housemates X former housemates!


Neither of us could finish the food left on the table :/

Finishing our individual portions was hard enough, let alone finishing the food-for-sharing.



I was really stuffed  Half of my Smoked Salmon Omelette had to go to waste argh.

But then again, all of us had space for the delicious Chocolate Indulgence birthday cake teehee!


Did someone say…. CAAAAAAAAAKE? 


Thank you so much, Antipodean Cafe for a good night!  Also, much love to all my wonderful guests who turned up & spent time with me on my birthday eve dinner 

It meant a lot to me to see all of you tonight despite my last minute invitation. I've been enduring lots of trouble recently; handling depression as a victim of an in-house theft and busy shifting into my new apartment.


Thank you so much for all your presents too! :D

Sorry, some of the presents were somewhere else at the time I snapped this photo! T_T


More piccies of the night :


The other half Konzycakes and I :D


My gurlies, Pamela & Venessa


Going all the way back since high school – Kok Kwan & Chia Li :D


My beautiful buddy Anis who's always there for me 


Daaaaaaazzzaaa Darryl! My kittyboy Chivas' guardian angel 


The last few that stayed till the end!


Enroute to Zouk in Sam's car!


Just before midnight, we adjourned to the after-party! I was given a guestlist for my birthday thanks to Zouk 


Being the EDM-kaki I am, I decided to hold it in Zouk Mainroom in conjunction with LOUD's Blink & Goldfish's 2nd Year Anniversary. Wootwoot! 


Music was fabulous



My guests & I got into Zouk Mainroom and I popped open a Johnnie Walker Black Label for the night.

Let's fire away! 


Tonight's beats consisted of lots of electronica big room, trance, house, dubstep & mixed turntablism



Thanks to theboyf, he recorded some footage of the night.

(Watch it for the audio & only some bits of us dancing – the lighting was inadequate duh!) 🙂


The DJs went on mercilessly with their epic drops & beats


Here are some of the photos from the after-party.

Bombs away!


My EDM music kakis – in trance we believe!

And one metalhead in the background photobombing us LOL




My babe Evelyn and I! 

How time flies! We celebrated a joint birthday together right here in Zouk in 2009!


Spent the rest of the night headbanging & popping


Although not a fan of EDM music, Anis was such a great sport too!


Pammy & I in our element ;)


Finally Edwin appeared! We thought he dropped dead after last night's shenanigans :O

But so glad to see you are fine & ACTUALLY turned up to my party!


Joanne & I!

I think this is our 1st time partying together… for ONCE & not seeing each other in classrooms!


Drop it like it's hot!


We go a looooong way back, ey? 😀


So have Sam & I 😀 😀


A "childhood friends" photo! My Penang-kiaaaaaaas!


My couzzies Shaun & Meng dropped by too!


Ohhh hello Yong Sern! 😀 😀


I love my friends.


Moar people!


Throughout the night, my phone has been buzzing non-stop

& each birthday wish made me smile! Thank you to all of you! 


Just like every year, none of of my guests allowed the birthday girl to go home sober. 

Who made this rule anyway? You must be a sadistic prick or an alcoholic! 🙁


My 1st Flaming Lamborghini thanks to Pammy! 


My 2nd Flaming Lamborghini thanks to Venessa 


And all the other glasses of whiskey I had to skull :/


I reckon I was pretty wasted, according to the stories that the rest recounted to me the next morning.

Apparently they mentioned I landed in a mamak and ordered Neslo. No memory found whatsoever 


Don't remember this photo at all. Geez!


Every birthday turned out a memorable one to me; this is no exception. 

However, I found my 23rd to be a "transition" from my usual party-rocking ones to a slightly more mature, chilled & relaxed one. 


Chilled? Relaxed? Really? 

My dishevelled & intoxicated self begs to differ.


Obviously, I'm referring to the birthday dinner I held at Antipodean 😀 

That one was a very relaxed, mellowed & "old woman" one, methinks. How unbecoming of me!


But then.. there's always the after-party.

Don't think I'll ever get tired of it! 😛   


Happy Birthday to me! Till next year 😀