When a party is set to hit a small town you spent your childhood in, you know it will only spell a whole new experience.

I accepted the invitation with full anticipation when Ipoh, Perak was the chosen destination of ELEVATE’s finale of its nation-wide series of events.


My plus one & I 

It’s the last ELEVATE party of the year – already?

Throughout the year, partygoers from all over the country didn’t need to travel all the way to KL city to partyrock the night away. ELEVATE brought the party to the revellers instead.



I’ve personally attended a couple of ELEVATE events – ELEVATE Penang & ELEVATE KL.

Two out of the total number of six parties which was also held in Malacca, Kuantan, Johor Bahru, Kuching… and tonight, it’s time for ELEVATE Ipoh to wrap it all up with a fantastic closure 

The latest dance club in Ipoh was the chosen partyzone

Growing up in this little quaint state, one would quite naturally assume that I know everything there is to know about it.

Before you request I point you in the right direction of Ipoh’s best clubbing scene… Sorry to break it to you, I can’t LOL. It is rather surprising (even to me!) that I’ve never once partied within the grounds of Ipoh’s townscape before.


You can’t ever miss the neon prism-like hotspot that is

Sensation of Sound (SOS) located along Jalan Raja Ekram!


We arrived in all shades of blue, adhering to ELEVATE’s colour theme.

The venue was already packed with guests as early as 9.30pm! Hmm.. that’s something vastly different from the KL club scene where partygoers would only begin to flock the venue just before midnight.

Soaking in everything Ipoh’s partyscene has to offer 

To warm-up the party before it set off, we were first entertained by SOS’s very own in-house entertainment.


Their DJ was spinning us electronic & RnB tunes

And their nine-piece Filipino live band


They belted various renditions of popular songs ranging from the classics, alternative rock, rap, to the latest chart-topping pop hits.  

We enjoyed the free-flow of Carlsberg for the night. There was plenty to go around! 


Us with some local Ipoh friends!

Girls decked in blue & our boys in grey

The other half & I 

Chillin’ on one of the many comfy, velvety red lounge seats in SOS!


Suddenly, the lights dimmed and we were shrouded in darkness 

The music took us by storm and local dance crew Elecoldxhot, fully clad in robotic LED gear appeared before us!


They worked their tight & well-synchronized routines on stage


Some of them were breakdancing, while others were shuffling, popping & locking!

They ended their first performance bearing ELEVATE’s logo in a creative formation of their arms!

After a short interval, the next performance gave us something to jump right outta our seats to dance and sing along with.

Any guesses? There was no surprise when the band belted out the ever-contagious, annoyingly amusing song of the year, Gangnam Style! :D:D


The lead singer was even dressed to mimic Psy!


Heeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyy! Sexy lady!

All of us, myself included, went on a frenzy and galloped along to the rhythmic horse-riding moves that made the song hilariously popular in the first place.

It was certainly a sight to see! Partygoers, both young and old were seen doing the exact same dance moves. Gangnam Style is no doubt, a phenomenon that is here to stay! 


Elecoldxhot joined the fun and gangnam-styled on stage too

We had so much fun! That certainly cranked up the mood of the party.

Really, now… what’s a party without Gangnam Style nowadays, huh? ;)


Just being silly 


More party pictures ensued. It was lovely catching up with familiar faces that night!



Elecoldxhot took to the stage again – this time, in a different apparel.

They were donning their signature vibrant & colourful streetwear this time 


How smooth can these boys move? 

Sparks lit up the stage and fizzled for a good few minutes

Their closing dance was certainly a bang!

Confetti burst out in the open and engulfed the dance floor with shimmery tinsels of blue and silver.

Some of the shiny paper even landed on our faces and got into our glasses of beer, from where we were standing!  No matter, all in the name of good fun! 


We had to fetch ourselves new drinks though, just before the free-flow ended at midnight.


DJ Yasmin raises the temperature!

We needn’t have to wait long before our final act stole the limelight & took full control of the night.

It was great to have this petite beauty hailing all the way from Jakarta, Indonesia, right here with us!


Tonight, she not only played uplifting trance beats but also house, techno and dubstep as well

Such a paparazzi shot, no? :P:P


The party kept going for what felt like all night long! However, all good things must come to an end.

ELEVATE officially ended when the doors swung open to the public just after midnight, but this can only mean the more the merrier!

As expected, the venue got even more packed with people than it already is, all in the name of a hectic, buzzing Saturday night.


Thank you, once again, ELEVATE, for having me at your train of parties throughout Malaysia!

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