Silly me, of course it'll be like running a marathon.

It IS a marathon in every sense of the word.


As I've always been a fitness junkie almost my entire life, I know you probably won't believe that it's gonna be my first time joining a marathon. 

Don't worry. Neither can I haha!


Okay, that's kinda true but not entirely. In high school, I joined several school cross-country runs and always emerged top 30. Does that count? Probably not. Heh.


Allow me to shamelessly display some of my athletic medals here LOL

I was a 100metreX4 relay runner, a 200metre runner, a high jumper, a long jumper, a netballer & a squash player


Mom sent it to me from home for motivation when I told her was joining my first marathon. 

Sucha sweetheart, ain't she? 



Marathon after marathon – Standard Chartered KL Marathon, Energizer Night Race, Adidas King of the Road, Monash University Run – I bookmarked the website but no thanks to my absent-mindedness, I end up forgetting to register myself for it.


So yeah, up till now, I myself, cannot believe that I've not joined a single marathon at all.


Maybe it's also because the thought of the world 'MARATHON' intimidates me.


So… I'm supposed to compete with hundreds of other people for the medal & certificate? What if I don't make it? What if I embarrass myself? What if my friends all go ahead of me and I lag behind? ;(


Yes, I'm competitive by nature. Sue me.

I don't join competitions for the sake of it. Should I participate in something, I aim to win. 


So I decided to put my competitive nature aside as this is, after all, my first official marathon.


Yup, the PJ Half Marathon ongoing this 30th September!


Thanks to my two friends Prakash & Pamela, I was signed up for this before I even heard of it.

So yes, thank you for taking my popping my marathon cherry! 

This is the route I'll be running on :



Yup. 7 kilometres for my very first marathon.

I keep convincing myself that it shouldn't be thaaaaat bad or scary.


After all, I run 5KM every single time I go to the gym.


So… 7KM should be a breeze, no? Here's to hoping! *crosses fingers*

I began my training today and clocked in 47minutes. I was dissatisfied but oh well, I still have 9 more days till the marathon!


First day of endurance, strength & stamina training!


Adrenalin started to fill me and the next thing I did was to source for other marathons to participate in!

Gee, whizz! I searched the internet with full gusto and found something that I was pretty keen on joining.



Yup, it's the Penang Bridge International Marathon! :D:D

I've been hearing so much about the annual Penang Bridge run year in, and year out, but somehow never bothered to participate. Double boo!


But lucky me, I've already registered myself, as this will be the LAST run on this bridge. Next year's run will be held on the Penang Second Bridge instead!

However, UNlucky me, I was a week late and all the spaces for the 10KM Open Category run had already been filled up 🙁

I was left with no choice but to participate in the 10KM Fun Run instead! No matter.


The route that I'll be running on :


So that's about it. If you hear about any upcoming marathons this year, do buzz me!

Even, better… JOIN ME! :D:D I'm always up for a challenge *wink*