Say hello to my new buddy who's been tagging along everywhere I go!

This new addition to the family of cards in my wallet is none other than this bright yellow fella right here.


Introducing the new Berjaya BCARD!


I received it almost exactly a month ago and today, a month later, I find this BCARD Reward Program very useful 🙂


So what does this card do?

It's basically a Reward Card launched by Berjaya Group where you can collect points & redeem even more points and rewards exclusively from participating brands & outlets. The BCARD is a lifetime membership with no annual fee.


We can use the BCARD at more than 300 stores nationwide, which includes my all time faves : Starbucks, Krispy Kreme, Kenny Rogers, Wendy's, Papa Johns and heaps more! 


Buddy Pam & I at Starbucks KLCC one day after our shopping sesh


We've always wanted to try the new Cocoa Cappuccino, so we got it!


Best part is, the points are rewarded in both ways – when you spend as well as when you redeem!

Upon signing up, members will receive a gift pack with 40 vouchers worth over RM1300 



Kate & I at Kenny Rogers for dinner!

She had her Black Pepper Lamb Steak & I had my original Kenny's quarter meal


We used the discount vouchers given & our BCARD!


If you have pre-loaded credit in your BCARD, it can be used like a Debit Card to pay for your purchases/meals/services wherever you use it at. Or, you can redeem points to use as credit/cash! Every 100 points = RM1.



Had Papa Johns for lunchies!

The boyfie & I used the BCARD & the discount vouchers


We decided on two different half-half pizzas due to the awesome promo!

I had the Fisherman's Catch/BBQ Chicken & Beef while he had Super Papas/Texas Heat


As you can see, I certainly made full use of the gift pack vouchers, as my friends and I kept patronizing our fave outlets to enjoy the benefits! Teeheehee. It sure was fun, and certainly rewarding! 


Used my BCARD & vouchers again at Starbucks Pavilion!


Did some catching up with the bestie Joyce over our fave Starbucks!


Guess where theboyfie and I went yesterday for lunch?


No surprise here – it's WENDY'S!

I used the voucher and the BCARD to get us more yummy food


*burp* See that? Yep, that was really satisfying :D



It's fun to keep collecting points & redeeming them for rewards with the BCARD



If you’re interested to get a BCard, contact BCard call centre at 03-21192999 or email to

Hey ho, let's go! Get ready to spend & get rewarded, just like I did! 🙂