Hello! Happy Easter to all


Sorry been haven't updating as often as I usually do! Had been swamped by assignments recently and I'm proud to say I've just submitted them ALL before the deadline. Yaayyyers!


Today, I'm gonna share a really lovely event of which I had the privilege to attend, awhile back.  


It was Moët & Chandon's Valentines Day event!


It was held in conjunction with the launch of their new, 

limited edition Moët & Chandon Rosé Impérial champagne! 


I spoke about that pink, stylish, glamorous gift of a bottle here and happy to know that many of you told me you got yourselves one too!

They transformed the concourse of Pavilion into a pretty pink, exclusive, invite-only event area 


Love how the Moët carpet just runs through the steps like that


Taken as I was walking closer


Alright, I've arrived! 🙂


This whole section is so pretty!


I brought a plus-one along for the event. Who else but my gurlie? Buddy Pamela 🙂


Pammy & I at the photowall


Remember how I shared the premise behind the campaign's design?

It was inspired by a renown Swedish graffiti artist Andre – known as Monsieur A 


He is internationally acclaimed for his passionate graffiti about love

and his signature stick-figure doodle


And oh look! Looks like Monsieur A's doodle found himself a girlfriend during this campaign 😛


Cheers to the celebration of love! 


Took a few photos by the photowall with some friends I bumped into during the event:


Will Quah & I


Pammy, myself & PinPin!


Dennis Lau & I


Mikey & I!


We were all served to free-flow of Moët & Chandon Rosé Impérial throughout the party.

I loved the light texture and the exquisiteness of the champagne – especially the sweet aftertaste!


Moët & Chandon Rosé Impérial basking in all its glory


The event was buzzing with people


The congenial – and so friendly! – waiters kept coming round to fill our glasses 🙂


So delicious 


Looking awesome in PINK! 😀

Well, so we did come in accordance to the dress code teehee


Had good fun chatting with buddies Esther, Bok & Pammy over the delightful Moët & Chandon Rosé Impérial


Maine & I did some catching up over it too!


This is my first time seeing you dressed in PINK, Simon! 😛


It was oddly cute seeing all my guy friends wearing so much pink in one day.


Some of them shared with me funny stories of coming in pink neckties, pink bowties, pink shirts, pink belt and whatever pink they could possibly ransack from their wardrobes.

Thumbs up! Only REAL MEN are bold enough to wear pink, alright? 😉


We were entertained with a few powerful renditions of love songs




The place was buzzing with guests!


I took a seat by the comfy couches and fluffy Moët pillows


Taking a short break from all the merriment! 🙂


I took a walk around to the front of the concourse and spotted a huge pile of pink packages 

Those Moët & Chandon Rosé Impérial bottles came in abundance that night! 



So tempting; almost as if beckoning me. I'd like to bring one of you home with me tonight! 😀

Hmmm.. what should I graffitize and doodle onto this flawless bottle? 


Me having what they call an 'Asian Flush'


It is beyond me as to why I turn crimson red even after one glass of anything! So strange.

I would get all flushed and red so quickly! Grr.


Despite being flushed, I couldn't help but to have more of this enticing, flavourful champagne 

consisting of 3 grape varieties – Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier and Chardonnay 


Oh, such love! 


I had a great time! Tonight was simply engaging and fun.

It was wonderful catching up with many of my friends from the industry over champagne for a change! 🙂


Thank you Moët & Chandon – and Monsieur A's doodle guy – for bringing 

us such a charming and memorable Valentines party this year!