Hi lovelies! How was your weekend?

Mine was incredible, as you shall see in a bit!


But hey, let’s start from the beginning first, shall we?

First of all, if you’re reading this, you’ll probably realize that you are now looking at the brand new facelift of my blog. Yup, it was relaunched last week during my birthday month but we’re only at Phase One for now!

Credits go to my awesome sponsor, Haze Long of Virtual Misfits!

Will blog  more about this and share our journey towards the launch.


Gymtimes as usual


Shot before circuit training Tuesdays.


My usual post-workout meals (yeah I was told that I eat rabbit food LOL)


Oh and due to popular request, I remember I promised you peeps to make a gallery of all the healthy and clean meals that I often make once the new blog is up.

So I guess its time to fulfill that promise, eh? 🙂 Will be working on that soon!


Weekday midnight runs and chocolate/coffee times with my girls at Mukha Cafe, TTDI.


Ramadan month traffic jams! It took me more than an hour to get to 1 Utama via the LDP highway.

I forsee an equally, if not worse, traffic congestion on our roadtrip to Penang

this weekend due to the festive season of Hari Raya Aidilfitri.


For those in the know, the past few weeks had been pretty arduous for me. It’s complicated.

In a nutshell, I was distraught and drained, both emotionally and mentally, due to a personal dilemma that left me especially confused, frustrated and troubled. For those following me on Twitter, sorry for the torrent of emotional tweets! 🙁


It didn’t help that I had so much work, blog notifications and so many emails to reply.

As it was already the beginning of the weekend, I decided to screw it all and not open any one of them.

It can wait. I need my break!


Which was precisely why I packed my bags and left for my favorite island up north – Penang.


Ergo, my weekend was a perfect respite from the exasperating times and everything I’ve been going through in the city. I needed that break and it helped me to re-evaluate life with a calmer mind.

And for that I thank you for everything, Marc.


Checking out the awesome view of the beach from the 6th floor!

Aug 2, 2013 | Hello from #Penang! ❤ by imthejessicat on Keek.com

Went to Flamingo Hotel’s poolside for an early morning swim.

Fancy yourself swimming to this mesmerizing view:

I know bliss when I see one 🙂

Swimming and chilling in the warm, bubbling jacuzzi over fantastic conversations on a weekend.  I could get used to that 😉

Candid shot on the deckchair while I was just about to take a dip in the pool


After swimming, Marc and I headed for some extreme sports. Yup, it’s time to bust out the adrenalin!

As terrified as I was of jet-skiing (no more terrified than I am of roller coasters!), I absolutely love the high-speed, plunging depths of either skyfalls or underwater madness as well as experiencing death-defying moments.

It’s an exhilarating rush, you know?


Except from the fact that I screamed and held my breath 50% of the time, I loved it.

A second time jet-skiing ever, it was no doubt, the ride of my life.


Having the luxury of owning a car, I realized that I have overlooked my surroundings and all the buzz around Penang – especially in Georgetown! It’s relatively easy to jump into your car and look at nothing but your destination.

But as Marc rented a scooter to get us around town easily, I had the wonderful chance of exposing myself to what I would deem the ‘real’ Penang.


Aug 3, 2013 | Scootering ’round #Georgetown, #Penang this #afternoon! Yeaaaaa boi. by imthejessicat on Keek.com


The strong wind blowing against my face, the weathered-walls of British architecture, the scorching rays warming me up (a stark contrast to the comfort of my air-conditioned car), the loud chattering of age-old men reminiscing their youth, watching a close-up of locals bargaining on the street markets and more. It was indeed all new to me.

Georgetown was a hive of energy and true camaraderie, between locals and tourists alike!


By one of the many comical trivia.


Since Georgetown was awarded the UNESCO World Heritage Site status, lots of interesting metal rod caricatures had been erected around town, bringing life to history via art.

I love how humour is injected in educating tourists (and locals!) on Penang’s rich history, community stories and culture.


We visited the Camera Museum along Lebuh Muntri.


It was a wonderful gallery of all vintage cameras, photography information, a store of all things camera-related and more Check out this adorable handmade crochet Instagram pouch!

Blog feature soon.


Look du jour.


Mythical creatures and religious icons dot the spacious compound of this 200-year old sacred enclave. Unafraid of the myriad of chimeras and chinthes guarding the temple grounds, here we are at the only Burmese Buddhist temple in Penang!


Dhammikarama Burmese Temple.

By the feet of the Reclining Buddha/Sleeping Buddha

at Wat Chayamangkalaram, a popular Thai Buddhist Temple.


We also headed to Air Hitam, where the Kek Lok Si a.k.a Goddess of Mercy Temple was housed atop a hill.

Aug 6, 2013 | Bringing a foreign buddy around Kek Lok Si temple, #Penang! #Malaysia #tourist by imthejessicat on Keek.com



Wishing ribbons hanging atop a Wish Tree in Kek Lok Si Temple.


Caught sight of an adorable statue of a pig.

I tried to replicate its expression – rather successfully, no?


Sunset on the horizon of Batu Ferringhi beach.


Had dinner at the beautifully lit Straits Quay by nightfall.


There’s so much more that we saw and so many places we headed to, but I’ll leave that for a full blog feature, aight?

Admittedly, I’ve never experienced Penang Island the way I just did.


I was born and bred on this very soil; practically knowing every nook and cranny this island has to offer. Such often breeds a sense of neglect and disregard after a couple of decades, eventually being unappreciative of Penang’s heritage and splendours.

After all, familiarity does breed contempt.

But this weekend, on the contrary, was highly opposed  from “going home”. This weekend, it was as though I had traversed to a different island; an island I embraced with open arms and a fresh panorama from my mind’s eye.

It was an actual holiday, for once.


So proud to be an island girl!

You’ll never know life like the way you know the ocean waves of home.


I left Penang with a heavy heart and twice the knowledge of my beloved island.

It is only when you show another around that you begin to see this little notion called ‘home’ from a completely different perspective. One of a traveller’s; armed with a ravenous thirst of the unknown and starving for the thrills of adventure.



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