[dropcap type=”square” round=”yes” color=”#f5f5f5″ background_color=”#800000″ ]W[/dropcap]hen you think you’ve gotten enough of birthdays for the year,  your best friend decides to spring up on you and take you out on what would be your third birthday celebration to date.
Needless to say, I couldn’t refuse. Thanks, sweetheart!


Check out Episode One and Episode Two for the previous celebrations!


So when bestieJoyce returned from her holiday trip with Jo, she asked me to pick a cuisine or pick an area.

I chose my new favorite spot, Publika, and left the restaurant choice to her.


I was dressed rather casually, as I didn’t feel too dressy on a weekday right after work.

Jessicat wears: Off-shoulder top in black by MNG, denim jeans by Forever 21, clasp-belt by Radioactive,

stiletto pumps in houndstooth by Forever 21, vintage web boston bag by Gucci


Coincidentally, we were both very early. Now, that’s something new 😛

We arrived at just about the same time and got a tad lost because we didn’t know where PickNik was located exactly. It’s probably more difficult for patrons new to the Publika establishment (like me) to locate this cafe off-hand.


But after making a quick phone call to PickNik, we landed ourselves there in no time!


They chose this restaurant as Chef Nik Michael Imran is the mastermind behind it.

If that name doesn’t ring a bell, he’s one of the finalists from MasterChef Malaysia Season 1, and has since opened his own outlet!


Ordered some drinks to begin our night!



Soon after, bestieJoyce gave me my birthday present that she bought from her trip to Sydney.


I loved it. My iPhone needed some new clothes anyway.

Oh and you know what’s awesome about this iPhone case?


It doubles as a vanity mirror. Squee! Now, I can always keep my make up and hair in check.

Gosh, I sound like such a girl when I’m excited.


Thanks BFF! xo


We caught up quite a lot and as usual, had a great time with each others company.

Without waiting long, the dishes began arriving our table consecutively. We ordered lots of tapas for sharing!

Here’s what we had for the night:


Deep Fried Squid. Battered squid fried to golden brown served with wasabi mayo.



Sauteed Mushrooms. Button mushrooms sauteed in butter and herb



Nachos. Tortilla chips served in guacamole, sour cream, jalapenos and minced beef tomato salsa


It was delicious, with a good variety of toppings/sauces.  But the portion of tortilla chips was ridiculously meagre.

In the end, we were left with lots of toppings with nothing to dip it with.


Soft Shell Crab deep fried with wasabi mayo.



Papardelle Bolognese. Authentic beefy italian


This was very flavourful but EXTREMELY SPICY! Caution! Do not be caught unaware.


We took our time to eat everything on the table, over wonderful conversations and shisha (from next door).

Despite always being occupied with our own thing, we never fail to catch up often.


BestieJoyce and I with our lychee shisha!


If it’s anyone that I trust with my life and have serious conversations as well as bantering with, it’s this lovely lady that I’ve known forever right here.

A while later after all the talking, laughing, as well as deep and meaningful conversations, the lovely bunch birthday-surprised me with something! I totally didn’t expect that. Looks like it’s your turn to catch me off-guard, eh guys?


Peanut butter slice: Peanut butter with cream cheese on a biscuit crust


This was heavenly! I chomped it down like a voracious glutton.


BestieJoyce and I with my present and the awesome birthday “cake”!


Make a wish!


Credits go to the boys as well for making my night wonderful.

Thanks Jo, for tonight!


Okay it isn’t fair if I put up pretty photos of us girls but unflattering photos of the boys.


So.. here’s a decent-looking one.


I was a very delighted girl that night.

Picknik was a great choice, which set an evening like this perfectly.

Love you guys… and thank you!



For more information on PickNik, you can:

LIKE them on Facebook at: PickNik Comfort Food Cafe

Contact them via their phone number: +603-6411-6499

Drop by their outlet at this address:

Publika, Block A4, UG1-05,
Solaris Dutamas,
Jalan Dutamas 1,
50480 Kuala Lumpur