Disregarding the fact that I constantly get bitten to death (well, almost) by mosquitoes and getting nagged my ears off whenever I come back home at wee hours of the morning, being back in Penang has never been better!


Why did I leave Penang in the first place? Guess it’s because the industry I’m in beckons me to the big city KL.

If not for that, I doubt I’ll ever leave this pretty little island.


Melancholy aside, I’m back. Not for good, but for this Chinese New Year. 

Took some time to watch the sunrise with buddies. We literally went crazy, crazy, crazy till we see the sun.




Waiting by the rocks at Gurney Drive


Would you rise already, dear sun?

I can see some beams coming from the distance already


Getting brighter and brighter by the minute!

So pretty by the sea, ain’t it?

Keep rising!

And rising!

Almost there..


It has risen!

I also took some before and after panoramic photos of the sunrise.


Yay! I successfully stayed up till the morning light. :D

Of course, that wouldn’t be possible without great company!


Myself & I by the rocks haha!

Surprised? Yeah there’s two of me.

After sunrise, it’s straight on to breakfast!

Headed to Toh Soon Cafe (多春茶座) located at the backlane of Campbell Street off Penang Road.

Campbell Street arch

The wait was long as it is a very popular spot for breakfast, patronized by both the young and old.

I didn’t mind waiting for a classic breakfast but one of the waitresses was so downright rude.



She raised her voice at me, snapped, gave me a dirty look, rushed through my orders before I knew what she was talking about and walked away before we knew what we were ordering.

What on earth? I don’t owe you anything, woman.


But apart from the dreadful service and the unpleasant atmosphere, we got what we wanted:


The charcoal-barrel burned buttered toast with softboiled eggs

Yeah I know it looks pretty easy to make, I can even do the same thing at home.

I reckon it’s the local popular culture that somehow made it a must to come here for breakfast.


We hopped to the next breakfast spot, ‘Ah Lai Cafe Under The Big Tree’ along Church Street Ghaut, just off Beach Street

How many traditional/authentic Chinese coffee shops with zinc roofs are quite like this anymore?

I guess its the novelty that people come for, apart from the classic breakfast sets

Buttered toast!

Their speciality! It was toast with a folded sunny side up egg, cheese & sliced sausages!

Dressed up, dolled up and I’m ready to go!

Went crazy on Chinese New Year clothes shopping this year.

I think I bought like <10 items? Can’t wait to wear ’em! 


Ended the long day with our favourite pints of Hoegaarden & Kronenbourg 1664 Blanc

at Eurodeli, Gurney Plaza


The next day! Clad in my favorite Jack Daniels baby tee


Headed to The Twelve Cups at The WhiteAways Arcade along Beach Street

Mr.BFF wanted to recommend me their mille crepe cakes seeing that I love cakes!


Ingenious decorations on their white-washed brick wall!

We had Hokkaido Chocolate and Coffee Chocolate

*Highly recommended*

I loved The Twelve Cups. It was very quiet, cosy and quaint. 


Admiring the local street murals/wall art

PSA much? 


Happy girl got her Milkshake Factory fix! I am easily pleased like that


For a healthy dinner, I recommend Nando’s half (or quarter!) Chicken with Fino Sides of Spinach & Potatoes

There are grilled vegetables, corn on the cob and others too which are just as healthy!


The daily grind at gym

Went about town gallivanting and enjoying the street art & murals

I bet this fella is wondering who I am riding pillion just like that. Sorry, bro!

One of Penang’s very popular iron/metal structures!

Outing with buddyKen at China House.

Chocolate Marquise! OMNOMNOMNOM

Chocolate Pistachio! OMNOMNOMNOM

Yes, if you didn’t know, my weakness is chocolate. Heh. Heh. Heh. Sinful, cocoa indulgence.

But ironically, I’m intolerant to it. Not many know about this, considering the copious amounts of chocolate I consume!


Back to KL I go!

Couldn’t help taking a photo of the wondrous Penang Bridge

So… why did I drive all the way back to KL only to return to Penang two days later? :D


For an important event that I was invited to make my appearance – AS A ZOMBIE!

How could I refuse? 


I’m your worst nightmare

The very first instalment of the famed Zombie Run – Malaysian edition!

*Here the Link to the article*

Tired. Early morning breakfast at Old Town.

Excuse the zzz face I didn’t shower and just hopped into the car LOL don’t judge me

Lunch at DOME with a friend whom I’ve not seen in almost a decade

Random car shot LOL


BabyChivas takes the wheel!

Breakfast one morning with Mr.BFF at my usual brekkie spot, Antipodean in Bangsar!

Salmon Omelette for me and Big Breakfast for him!

OOTD! My new zombie apocalypse tee

Late dinner one day

Best part was, we were the last customers of the day! 

So it was easier to have my meatballs come with boiled potatoes and broccoli instead of the usual french fries.


Okay that’s all for this week! 

For those who are already on holidays, have an awesome long holiday! And for those who will be bracing the traffic back to your hometowns, drive safely!

Lastly, to the clever ones that are returning back home by plane… SO SMART AH? :P


Much love,



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