A zombie apocalypse has taken Putrajaya by storm! No, I’m actually serious.

Dooms day is here. Actually, TWO days that were both loved and dreaded by all of humankind.


Zombie Run Malaysia is back and I was a tad disappointed that I wasn’t able to make my mark as a Blogger Zombie again yesterday and today due to prior engagements.


Do you recognize this female zombie? That would be me.



I actually just realized that I haven’t shared my Zombie Run Malaysia experience last year so here are some photos and a quick write-up on everything that went down in blood and gore! 😉

Oh and… if you had participated as a runner (a.k.a our victim) this year, here’s a little something from a zombie’s point of view.

Remember, we are your immortal enemy. Ahh!



Just had human brains for breakfast.

Oh. Hi there. Zombies can take selfies too, you know?


To be on time for our mass zombie make up session, we zombies arrived the war zone several hours before Zombie Run Malaysia 2013 was scheduled to begin.

What’s a zombie without make up, eh? 😉


Human with a potential to be a zombie spotted!

We began biting every new zombie to welcome them into the clan of the undead.


 Burp. He’s one of us now! Much better.


The mass make up session was fun!

Everyone was seen getting their zombie-mode on. Electric ShockElectric Shock

Led by Felicia, several make up artists deftly put on special effects make up, such as fresh wounds, torn skin, rotten skin, scabs, scars, bleeding sores, exposed skulls, broken bones, injured body parts and more.

Since I loved doing dark and eerie make up too (I went through a goth phase as a teenager!), I intensified the zombie make up that was put on for me.


 What do you think? Am I your worst nightmare yet?


 Take a closer look at my severed mouth.


Dragged along buddyVincent to the Zombie Run with me. 

As they needed more zone marshalls to patrol the war zone and ensure everything ran smoothly (so no one actually gets hurt!), he was nice enough to volunteer to be one!


 Thanks so much for being part of this with me!


 Veronica also volunteered to be a marshall.

Whooops! I think I got a little too hungry and bit her too. Sorry!


Before we knew it, it was time for Zombie Run Malaysia 2013 to begin.

My delicious victims…. Come here.. my precious, for I am bloodthirsty for your brains and raw human flesh. Cry


 The participants at the starting point – about to flag off!


They were required to successfully run 45 hectares of land filled with broken walls, abandoned huts, destroyed cars and a lot more.

Their mission?


To get from the start to the end without losing their 3 lives (eaten by us zombies).

This is NOT a normal marathon.



While we were waiting for our victims to trespass our territory (yes, it’s a long stretch), I had a little fun with some of my fellow zombies!

Selfie time – zombie style! Furious







Possessed by tremor and fear, the humans slowly trickled in one by one.  Many of them had already been killed by my fellow zombies.

Come closer dear, I won’t bite. I will only eat you alive. You’re just a slow, painful death away from never having to suffer again. Hell Boy


See those 3 red triangles?


To kill the participant, we zombies are required to snatch off as many of their red triangles (lives) as we can. It’s just a flag affixed to their vests by so much as a velcro patch.

So you best be wary – if we’re strong, it’s not difficult to kill you on the spot if you don’t run fast or dodge us well! The weaker zombies might only manage to snatch one or none. So if your agility and angle of running plays a huge part here!

Hint: Never have your back facing the zombies.

 What do you expect? We’ve been living in the woods for aeons.

So run, run as fast as you can little one, lest you be devoured by us.


 Think you can escape the zombies? Think again.


 There are many kind of zombies you are to face. 

A chaser, a stumbler and a mystery zombie.


A candid shot of me in action!

I was certainly the chaser, as running is my game! 😀 😀 


Hark, who lurks there?

A mystery zombie could pop out from the ground when you least expect it.


 I like hiding behind the bushes. Provoked when a twig on the ground snaps beneath their shivering foot, I begin chasing my victims!


 Oh, what do we have here? A human with 3 lives still intact? 


NOT ANYMORE! Muahahhaahah.

Cross my path and you’re doomed for eternity.


I had a fantastic time at Zombie Run Malaysia 2013, and I hope you had a great time at this year’s Zombie Run Malaysia 2014 too, if not better! 😀

For newbies who now seem keen, there’s always next year. Maybe, just maybe, you and I will meet when I return in 2015 as a Blogger Zombie once again. 


For the uninitiated or the paranoids, let it be known that there is

strictly no violence is allowed between the humans and the zombies.


It’s all in the name of fun! Big Smile

Just play by the rules and you will be fine.


This is Zombie Jessicat speaking. Over and out!




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