Remember how I said I wanted to take up yoga, or at least give it a try?

I did. One Monday morning, I set off to my gym at Celebrity Fitness for a session of Vinyasa Yoga.


I was all pumped up.


But instead of feeling like I've unleashed a load of stress off my shoulders or looking like a calm-spirited soul who has just achieved inner peace and arriving nirvana, I ended up feeling like this :


All my limbs & joints felt somehow twisted and entangled to the point of no return.


And while all the elderly ladies and my yoga guru effortlessly got into odd, mind-blowing positions without so much as a giggle or even toppling over, I reckon I looked something remotely like this:

I'm not even joking.


I was sweating buckets, had so much difficulty and felt five times older than that 50 year old woman beside me.

But I did enjoy myself. My Body Combat session right after yoga was a breeze as I was already all warmed up and stretched to the maximum. 


Ergo, I forsee myself returning to Yoga more often. Let's just hope my flexibility increases by tenfold!

I was supposed to head straight back home but being a girl, I couldn't resist some shopping beforehand.

Guilty as charged. Heh. Heh. 


Bought these amazing pair of gladiator wedges from Nose!


And another because I realized that in my collection of 70 pairs of shoes,

I don't own a plain pair of black strappy heels. Yeah, I can't believe it either.


Spent some time in one of my all-time favourite restaurants, Delicious.

I absolutely love the food they serve there. It can be a little pricey, but nothing too expensive for top quality food!


I had : Pumpkin Soup, Caesar Salad, Smoked Salmon Angelhair in cream sauce & Iced Chocolate

Yeah, I know I'm a fatty and a sucker for good food. Sue me.


Took a random photo of babyChivas being silly


Dinnerdate with Konzy at Sakae Sushi. It's our usual haunt now!

I'm such a regular that I don't even need the menu anymore.


If you're looking for a healthy bite like I am, I highly recommend the Soft Shell Crab Crepe, Ebi Crepe and the Aburi Salmon Carpaccio. The Dragon Roll is pretty good too! 


For this fortnight's manicure, I decided to do something neon and funky for my weekend of rave-partying

I used lemon yellow, turquoise and OPI's Black Shatter


Guess what? A new Mediterranean restaurant is coming our way this end January.

(exact location : between Mid Valley & The Gardens. Beside the fountain!)


I was invited to sample some of the dishes from their menu. They are:

Carpaccio of Hirame with Wild Rice & Aubergine,

Spaghetti Tomato Sauce with Sea Bass & Grilled Vegetables

Appetizer: Buffalo Mozzarella & Plum Tomato Caprese,

Luis Felipe Edward Sauvignon Blanc

Dessert: Expresso Panna Cotta


Full blog post containing the full review of Blu Med restaurant & its meals coming soon!

After the food tasting session, I set off to The Butter Factory to attend Future Music Festival Asia's pre-party.


Just a little selca fun in the car


Jessicat wears: Asymmetrical dress from Bangkok | Shoulder bag by Coach |

Spiked necklace by Topshop | Brown Leather Heels by Pedro


The party was fabulous! If you missed, full blog post – here


As this week was Konzy's final week in Malaysia for the next two months, we decided to grab some authentic street food in the city. Jalan Alor was our pick! 


Some of the stuff we had. Spicy Clams, Barbequed Ribs in Sesame Sauce, Barbequed Shrimps,

Wan Tan Mee (Wanton Noodles) and… the Barbequed Mushrooms & Broccoli were my favourites! 


It's quite a good place to bring your tourists/foreign friends here for food, to be honest.

The choices are endless! 


Friday afternoon was a sweltering one. So, Konzy surprised me with this 

Usually, I would refuse ice-cream due to my diet requirements but I made this an exception!


My Friday night was mind-blowing. 

'Nuff said. Full blog post – here


If Friday wasn't epic enough already, Sunday was the We Love Asia rave party featuring…

Joachim Garraud


Steve Aoki


Full blog post coming up shortly! Yes, I'm still so stoked that I got to see one of my idols, Steve Aoki LIVE. IN. THE. FLESH! 

To end today's edition of The Sunday Times, a friend introduced a beautiful video to me and here it is:



He has an amazing voice, ain't it?

Have a great week, folks! 



Much love,



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