Last Friday was a night of mayhem! Actually, my whole weekend was pretty much a radical one.

But wait, let's talk about Friday first, hey?


Just one look and it's no guessing who they are!


As we all know and having also said in this post, our favourite EDM juggernaut trio Swedish House Mafia have decided to go their separate ways to concentrate on their solo careers. 

Embarking on a farewell around the world to personally bid their fans a heart-warming goodbye, they have, among a few other countries, chosen Malaysia to perform for one last time at their aptly named, One Last Tour. 


Thanks for the ticket, XPAX! I was all geared up and excited to go already! 


I'm sure you can tell. I was impatiently bounding up and down while waiting for some friends!


We got there pretty early, just before 9PM. 

It was a long walk towards the Surf Beach, as though hyping us up all month isn't enough already!


En route to the Surf Beach!


We were getting closer and closer to the party zone


Took some photos with the mascots of Greyhound!


Some photos with the fellow partymates. 

I figured we ought to grab a few shots first before we all disappeared into the crowd so here they some of them!



Remember this post I wrote which included something about the death of my friend, Elizabeth? 

She clearly didn't make it for this Swedish House Mafia's gig that she wanted to attend so badly. So, her friends and family alike gathered in her name tonight and had it all planned to make this her little tribute.


Some of the heart-shaped helium balloons they had brought along to release into the night sky

the moment her favourite song 'Don't You Worry Child' came up. 


Are we ready to see Swedish House Mafia LIVE before us for the first and last time?


And so, after all the opening acts, DJ Nikki, Mr. Fluff and DJ Eclipse (Singapore), had finished their set, Swedish House Mafia made their grand appearance half an hour before their scheduled time at 9.30PM sharp.


Steve Angello, Sebastian Ingrosso and Axwell opened their two-hour set with 'We Came, We Raved, We Loved'


Their opening drove us on high suspense with drumming bass and lightplay on the white veil, before finally dropping those curtains to unveil our favorite Swedish progressive house trio. 



The laser show was nothing short of amazing! 

Laser beams comprising a psychedelic fusion of colours shone haphazardly into the sky and back throughout their set.


Here are the blue and green ones


Some of the skinnier laser streaks


They had lots of LED animation in the background too. I liked the skull best!


The boys playing one of my favourite songs, 'Antidote' for us!

Anyone knows what those Japanese words say? 



They performed a powerful two-hour set for us.

A perfect blend of remixes and various original tracks as individuals and from their two albums (as Swedish House Mafia), Until One and Until Now.


They climbed onto the DJ console to rave with us!


In the first half of their set, they performed 'Nothing But Love' by Axwell, 'KNAS', 'Lights' and 'Show Me Love' by Steve Angello, a remix of 'Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger' by Kanye West, 'The Island' by Pendulum, and their original singles 'Leave the World Behind', 'Calling (Lose My Mind), 'Greyhound' and 'The Island'. 


Sebastian Ingrosso playing LIVE drums while 'Resurrection' played


Can you spot me in this rowdy crowd? 


"It's good to be here together for the first time with you in Malaysia.

What a beautiful place! Are you having a good time?"



As if things couldn't turn up any higher, Swedish House Mafia began playing a remix of Coldplay's 'Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall' and surprised us with a massive thank you to our country, Malaysia, for hosting them and their One Last Tour here.


What's behind the blast of sparks?


Ta-daa! It's our very own Malaysian flag, the Jalur Gemilang!


The boys began waving it in the air throughout that track


That moment itself was truly a wondrous sight.

Needless to say, patriotism ignited within me and I felt a certain sense of pride for my country all over again.


Thousands and thousands of Malaysians screamed in unison


Another touching, poignant moment for some of us was when the progressive powerhouses began playing the beautiful track, 'Don't You Worry Child', the forth single off their latest album, Until Now.

Yes, Elizabeth…it's time.


This is for you, Eli.


Letting go a pink heart-shaped helium balloon with the words

'RIP Elizabeth with ♥, you're heaven sent'



What really made me burst into tears while singing along to 'Don't You Worry Child' was when that ONE pink balloon didn't make its way up into the sky like the rest of the balloons, but floated directly to Swedish House Mafia during this song.

It was almost as if Eli wanted to be closer to her idols and get the best view of all of her friends gathering there on her behalf. 


Steve Angello releasing her into the sky


Even after Steve Angello caught that pink balloon, held it and let it go into the sky again, that pink balloon wasn't ready to leave us all just yet. Guess she still wanted to enjoy herself partying with us all and Swedish House Mafia.


The pink balloon refused to go anywhere and stayed on top of the DJ console.


I recall crying like an emotional wreck. Dang! During a rave? That's a first! 

Look at my mascara all smeared. Argh!



Anyway, I soon cheered up again when Swedish House Mafia continued taking the party to the next level with harder, progressive tracks in the second half of their set.

Here's a video I made encapsulating my night. 



Enjoy! I took a while to make this :D


Make sure you watch till the end to catch them performing all their best songs, fireworks blasting, amazing pyrotechnics (fire), crazy laser shows, helium balloons floating in the air and ONE very special pink heart-shaped helium balloon that floated its way directly to Swedish House Mafia when they were performing.



More laser lights shot through the party, fireworks burst out at the stage and into the sky!



The show came complete with pyrotechnics, descending sparks of fire and combustions of flame shots in perfect sync with the heavy beats and bass drops too. 


The blue and yellow flames literally turned up the heat where I was standing!



The second half of their set saw them dropping tracks like 'Sweet Disposition' by The Temper Trap, 'Sunrise' by The Aston Shuffle, 'Resurrection' by Michael Calfan, Axwell's remix of 'In My Mind' by Ivan Gough as well as their originals, 'Miami 2Ibiza', 'One (Your Name)', 'Save the World' and yes, again..'Don't You Worry Child'.



An estimated number of more than 22,000 fans were given a spectacular one last show tonight.

We sang along, jumped, danced and partied long and hard despite the sporadic downpour.

Yup, no amount of rain can dampen our spirits.

Certainly not in the name of Swedish House Mafia.


Dear Angello, Ingrosso and Axwell, are you proud of us? 


And thanks for the confetti burst.


I had to spend a while getting all the coloured paper off me as I was soaked to the core.

The paper somehow was a chore to peel out LOL



Thank you for choosing Malaysia as one of the few countries to perform your One Last Tour.

If there ever was another chance to party and rave with you boys – even in the rain – I would do it all over again. The show was marvellous, you guys did not disappoint, not even one bit! 


Ending the night with a blast!


I wish you well in your solo careers! 

A possible collaboration or reunion in the future would be nice. Just saying. Heh. Heh. Heh.


Goodbye Swedish House Mafia, I love you! :kiss