It's Sunday again! This week was busy as usual. So much I want to blog about but so little time.

If only I spent 15 minutes to prepare an entire blog post, that would be great! JOY.


But no, I take more time that that as I not only edit ALL the photographs to perfection, I also write the article with conviction and ensure in-depth detail.

I really do, and it takes a hell lot of time! Grrr.


But sometimes I wished I didn't. Le sigh!


I think you can tell by now (after 7 years!) that I'm not the sort of blogger who posts up a few photos and several sentences and call it a blog post.

Since when has blogging ever comprised copy-pasted facts and a stock image?

Quality control has always been the key! 


But I do realize I must stop this "perfectionist" attitude from hindering my efficiency & timeliness

It may be my strength, but it can also be my weakness! ;(


So I just drew up a near-impossible schedule this morning to make the rest of my December even busier.

It's a challenge.


Far-fetched or not, I gave myself incredibly tigjt deadlines to meet everyday in order to clear off all my back log of 30 blog posts!  I can, I must!


In the meantime, my kitty can keep me company all curled up on my lap

while I slave away on the keyboards 


Have you noticed that we are more inclined to be productive and things actually do get done if there is a target, a goal or a dream ahead of us?

If there's none, well, instead of procrastinating, set yourself those deadlines to push yourself!


It's the same principle I apply for my gym workout routines.


If I get complacent, I'll stop taking it seriously and then there will be no point, no drive, no motivation anymore

Moral of the story? If there is no push, there will be no results 


Anyway, here's what I've been up to this week.


Attended the launch of NIVEA's Pure & Natural range at Delicious! Even Kate Middleton uses them

So glad to bump into Nadia, it's been a while  She was the MC for the afternoon too

*full blog post soon!*


Thursday night being serenaded by Vince Chong during the Merry Guinness christmas dinner

at Dirty Nelly's @ Life Centre by Guinness Malaysia

*full blog post will be published on Christmas day!*


My Friday coordinate comprised earthy and neutral shades!

Jessicat wears : Corduroy cropped jacket in brown by Voir | White Paris graphic tank top by TopShop |

Grey denims by TopShop | Metal feather necklace a gift from Konzy |

Buckled leather heels in brown by Pedro | Armbag in white by Seed


Attended the launch of the iPhone 5 in Malaysia on Friday morning


Made lunch! Organic Durum Wholewheat Spaghetti with Haricot Beans, Mushrooms

and lots of freshly chopped garlic, onions & oregano 


Grabbed some dessert at one of my favorite places – Circus KL @ Pavilion KL

Had a Lez 3 Chocolat (it's a special… off the menu!) Thanks Ralph! :) It was delicious


Noms & chilltimes with Ralph, Louise & Konzy. Love yall! ;)


Chilling at The Pressroom Bistro @ Pavilion KL

Konzy had something called Fancy Sencha Tea while I had Bellagio Hot Chocolate


I loved my Hot Chocolate by Bellagio! None of that watered down crap or typical Cadbury sachets

This was rich, thick and the aroma was amazing  The Fancy Sencha Tea? Well, it was good but we didn't find anything too fancy about it… as its name suggested :P


Had a lunchdate with Konzy at Teppanyaki Express @ Food Republic, Pavilion KL

He had a Sliced Lamb set (bottom left) with Squids for the sides

while I had Salmon Fish set (top left) with Mushrooms


I've never had teppanyaki made right in front of me with an iron griddle by our own designated chef!

Both our sets came with rice, clear raddish soup, beansprouts and green leafy vegetables 


I loved it. T'was a new experience & a hearty meal! Thanks Konzy  Definitely recommended 


Had a healthy lunch yesterday at O'Briens Irish Sandwich Bar @ The Curve!


I've recommended this joint before in previous editions of The Sunday Times.

Konzy had his usual fave Big Club Sandwich (above) while I tried something new today, the Chicken Slice, Swiss & Guacamole (below). This is one of our choices if we're feeling healthy!


Here's my current song of the week by the way 

Do take a listen to my current fave dubstep track that's been on loop on my iPod all week!



Might wanna check 'em out 



Before I go, I have some good news to share. I will be roadtripping and making my final drive to Penang with my trusty ol' white Kelisa to make the switch this Wednesday.


Switch? Yes, the switch to my brand new dream car.

It arrived my home in Penang last week and I'm coming for it! 

If you're following me on Twitter, you would already know what ride it will be.

A bright red 1.6CC Ford Fiesta Hatchback Sports Edition that cost a whopping RM86K!


Probably not expensive for some of you rich kids on the block but it is, to me 

Looks like I'll be eating bread and water every month when its time for me to pay the installments haha.



Oh and, I've also paid off all my credit card debts of 2012!

I'm now debt free because I'd hate to carry any debts over to another year. Woohoooooo!


This is how my bank account looks now. Depleted :/

Hang in there! I'll work even harder and be more prudent to get you fat and healthy again!


So if you owe anyone anything to anyone, make sure you pay them all off before the new year! 

Wouldn't you rather start your 2013 clean? You have two weeks… The clock is ticking.


On that note, always be prudent and have a lovely week ahead, dearest readers! 



Much love,




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