Hey hey! It's Part 2 of my battle as an acne-fighting superhero again.

LOL that's what they call me… and I embrace the challenge with open arms!




This week, as I promised in this previous (Part 1) post, I will be showing you my ugly past and how acne can be a big time kill-joy for the young, outgoing & vibrant teenaged girl I was.

You think it's bad? Well, try being me. It killed me inside. 


Allow me to show you some interesting statistics about acne.


My bout of acne started when I was 13 years old. Right, just when I became a teen.

My forehead was like a breeding ground of tiny little pimples scattered all over! :/

Hello! I am your typical pimple monster sharing a true story

Don't be afraid, for the owner of the blog you're reading had once been me.


Thankfully, I had bangs and I obviously used it to hide my pimples.

But alas, doing so made it worse. The oil and dirt from my hair made my skin condition even more prone to bacteria and even more began to pop up!




I remember how I used to come home crying to mother about how ugly I felt and how much I needed and wanted help because I felt like the most horrendous looking scum of the earth.

Not even joking. I was that adversely affected by it. ;(


So much so that my family (namely mother, godmom & uncle) did everything in their ability to save me from this emotional and psychological trauma.

Thanks folks 


Slight improvement : 2011


They took me to a dermatologist which gave me a lot of facial sessions. It did improve, but very slightly.

I even had to consult a skin doctor who gave me some very strong medicated cream to apply (which hurt so much btw!) and pills to consume. 



Well, that worked until I realized that I didn't want to depend on medication my entire life.

So yes, I stopped the drugs and the acne came back to haunt me ;(


Oh. Now you tell me?


Somewhere after highschool, it got from bad to worse.

Can you believe I survived looking like that through high school, college & university being the pimple monster?


Geez, looking back, I must have had a decent level of confidence to get me by! 


Those years were supposed to be your prime days where your looks was something really important (superficial, I know) in the social clique and yes, around boys.

Come to think of it, I'm surprised that I even dated at all!


I feel you, dear Superman.


They must be blind or probably see past all that; more than just lil miss scarface. 

Thanks, guys 


I did everything in my capacity but it never went away. Product after product and none of them helped.

I felt ugly, disgusting, unphotogenic and would shy away from the camera or use my then long hair or hands to cover my acne and scars.


2008. Clearly it didn't help. You can still see the acne haha!

Who am I fooling, really? :P


My friends & family were beginning to be concerned and said, "Jess, your skin is getting really bad"

SIGH well yeah tell me something new please 🙁


It made me even more insecure and I could never ever take compliments from anyone because deep down, I felt as ugly as a deformed carcass and that all nice words to me are lies and slander


Spare me your rubbish.


I'm sorry I couldn't find more (worse) photos from high school and college to scare you with, but if I find them I'll update this post with it.

So why don't I show you someone else for now? 


Beneath all their glam and razzle-dazzle, celebrities have acne too. 

How many of these celebrities do you actually recognize? :)


Yup, go ahead. Name them all.


Look, I probably don't know about them, but I had terrible insecurity issues myself.

You try having boils on your face and deep red, painful spots, bleeding scars that would be the first thing everyone sees when they meet you ;(


Sometimes I wished I was a Muslim living in Dubai where no one can see my face




I'm not even going to try and preach utter garbage about "having confidence" or "don't let acne weigh you down" or "you are beautiful just the way you are" and all the other pretentious crap. 



You and I know how terrible it does make you look and feel 


I couldn't run away from the fact that everyone saw me as the pimple monster no matter how kind they were to me so as not to hurt me or how nice they were to my face (literally!)

Tell me I'm beautiful and you'll be putting Pinochio to shame


So instead of propagating moralistic words, I am going to help you find a cure.

Something that ACTUALLY WORKS.

2012. Me now. Free from acne!


If there wasn't anything to save me from my agonistic bout of acne back then, I'll make sure you have something that does to get you out of your misery.

And that's why I've been approached to be a Papulex truthseeker and I'm now part of the Lead the Way Blogger challenge by Papulex Asia.


Please do vote for me on the official Papulex Facebook page here 

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So what do you think?

After years and years of my relentless, merciless battle with the four letter word (A-C-N-E, mind you!) I'm just glad that it finally subsided. About bloody time it did! 


Now, with the birth of Papulex, I just want you and I to feel one thing… and one thing only.