Hellooooo dear readers! How's your week been so far?

7 days of sweat and toil at your workplace? Or 7 days of hard-pressed studying & assignments?


Whatever it is, hope you guys tackled it with a big wide smile!

This week has been pretty intense for me; I've had back-to-back trainings everyday to prepare me physically and mentally for my very first marathon!



Did my routine of strength, endurance and high intensity interval running at Celebrity Fitness


The ground WILL tremor beneath your strength, people! So push your boundaries and work that body!


A good friend of mine, Ken, shared this quote with me and I took an instant liking to it!

Decided to make it my motto of the week


On lazy days or rainy days (LOL excuses) I'd just go to the gym at my condominium pool!


Since I'm back in Penang for the weekend, I dragged mom & kakak to Bukit Dumbar to accompany me

And obviously to get them up and going too! No life is sedentary with me around :D:D

Ran 7KM in 45 minutes. I wonder how long tomorrow's session will take?


Got the latest Adipure 360 Born for the Gym sports sneakers!

Thanks Adidas Malaysia for these lovely pair of versatile gym shoes 


Decked in Adidas from top to toe on the day of their official launch party! 

(Full blogpost coming soon!)


Found this on Tumblr and couldn't agree more :)


Outfit of the day. Feeling a tad sporty one afternoon!


Anyway, apart from my vigorous trainings and running practices, I've been up to heaps of other stuff.

I gotta eat, too! I can now afford to eat like a starving pig – believe me, I have a voracious appetite! – because I constantly burn almost 500 calories everytime I work out. So, no worries! 


One I'd always recommend, time and time again –

The Dragon Roll from Sushi Zanmai is my absolute fave. Made with tempura prawns, avocado & roe!



Made a healthy dinner of Chicken & Vegetable Stew! 

All the protein & fibre I need to get me going



My current favorite morning bites which always gets me on the move!

A hot cuppa coffee + cornflakes with all natural yoghurt & a dollop of honey



Caught up with my Greek friend Jason as he is transiting/visiting KL before he goes back to Australia!

Why not bring the two Greek boys out for dinner + shisha at Herris @ Damansara Perdana


Had a great time catching up with Jason. Talked about everything and anything under the sun!

When we were eating, a filming crew shot footages of us eating, for a local program called 'Jalan-jalan Cari Makan'. So you might see me on TV when its aired LOL! 



Sent my car for a thorough carwash, polish & vacuum (finally!) at the neighbourhood petrol station

Now, even a single piece of litter in my car gets me in a frenzy. OCD time haha


Amazing how these petrol station/carwash boys only charge 4 bucks per car wash and an additional 2 bucks for interior vacuuming. That's real cheap, seriously. I know it's not rocket science to wash a car, but surely it isn't only worth 4 bucks?

They do a pretty good job too though!


Not going to tell you which petrol station, because the queue is long enough hahahahaha!

Don't wanna recommend and have to wait even longer ;(;( 

(But if you really, really wanna know you can always ask me la)


I can't wait to watch Hotel Transylvania!

Had always been a fan of freaky cartoons & Tim Burton-ish kinda movies



Found this and got so enamoured by the progress humankind has made over the years!



The shopaholic in me strikes again! Love this rugged pair of brass-buckled leather heels from Pedro. 

I know I can always trust Pedro for their exquisite quality of shoes 


As crazy as I am over high-heels (I have 35 pairs altogether, no, I cannot believe myself either LOL!), my love for pumped-up kicks & sneakers alike knows no bounds. 

I turn to the casual, street-style when I feel like kicking back on lazy afternoons!


My new pair of Playboy high-top sneakers!

Major, major love for them. It's studded and the Playboy Bunny has diamante blings for its eyes 


And no, just so you know, I'm not a crazy shoe lady 

I'm just a caterpillar with too many feet, hence needing many, many shoes 



Updated my iPhone software the all-new iOS6! Go update yours too!

It's heaps smoother & I can't stop listening to all the new podcasts I've downloaded 


Oooh I'm back in Penang for the weekend!

It's daddy's birthday so yes, here I am back at home to celebrate with the family.


Happy 52nd Birthday, daddy-o! 


Mom ordered giant freshly baked crabs during the birthday dinner!

I recommend Teluk Kumbar Seafood place for amazingly fresh & quality seafood 


Randomly, I just noticed how "unskilled" I am in eating crabs – that's the only reason why I don't eat crabs often! I will often end up wasting a good crab all because I'm dreadful at peeling the crab or knowing just where all the hidden meat are. :/

Watching mom's sleight of hand while cracking, breaking and twisting out the crab meat from the crab made my jaw drop. I guess she's a more pro seafood person than I am hahaha!


Thanks boyfieKon for sending me a piccie of babyChivas whilst I'm away!

Was beginning to miss my mischievous little ball of fluff


That's all for this week! Will be back in KL on Tuesday for a meeting and to continue the rest of my week.

Have a wonderful seven days ahead. Don't forget to ALWAYS stay fit & eat healthy too!


That being said, remember to drink 7 litres of water everyday

Listen to your body, it is powerful 


Much love,




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