My favorite designer brand has always been Burberry, for many, many years to date.


And I'm not afraid to say this, but I think Louis Vuittons are ugly. I mean, honestly? Dark boring brown monograms? Eww. I know it's an icon. But it doesn't change the fact that it's hideous! Even Chanel,  Prada and Gucci certainly look way better.


No offense, but I've always deemed LV as the bottom of the good-looking designer bag chain

But maybe this trash bag looks quite pretty 😛 😛



Don't hurl your LVs at me if you have one, it's too expensive and you might scratch it in the process.

Unless of course, they're imitation… you cheapskate. Har har har.


Anyway, I don't know what got into me but I went online shopping again. I don't usually (correction: never) shop for designer brands as obviously I don't earn that kind of moolah at only 21. 🙁 I only go for high street brands and  mass appeal brands as of now.


BUT. Something caught my eye 5 minutes ago and I knew instantly I was in love.

It's the Burberry Nova check hearts tote bag. And more importantly, in my fave color too.

Berry Red.



And yes I know it is 2010's Spring/Summer collection.

I may be almost a year late but its because I ain't as privileged to check out luxurious goods often enough to know the latest collections

You're one heck of a gorgeous tote bag.

You're reddish. You're Burberry. You have charms dangling down. You personify me.


More and more oggling over this bag of beauty got me a tad carried away.. even further!

I did even more research on Burberry's official website and I saw more and more models under this Nova Hearts series.


Nova Hearts Shoulder Bag

Lighting differs, so it may look darker hmm.



and here's how it looks like in real life too :


And here's the backside!

It would be the best thing, if it was ever mine



QUESTION: Between the Tote Bag & the Shoulder Handbag above, which would you vote for?

As in, which do you think is nicer/more worth getting/suits me better?



Anyway, as I was saying…

Nova Hearts Checkbook Wallet






Nova Hearts Bowling Bag

Nova Hearts Travel Bag

(Although I doubt this is a wise idea as rough aircraft boys might manhandle them)


Nova Hearts Canvas Luggage Bag

Nova Hearts Rainboots

haha this is crazy! 😀 😀 


Nova Hearts Wristlet



I know I might sound bitter upon saying this but I hate (read: am jealous of) rich kids. I mean, c'mon. We ALL know it's not your money, it's your parents'. And yes you're pretty damn lucky to be strutting around town in designer goods even way before you hit puberty or even started your 1st job.

Well, what can I say? Good for you, really.

I may not be as lucky as you unfortunately,

but I'm gonna buy them with my own cold hard cash.


Dear Burberry, please come up with a similar (or even better!) gorgeous collection in Berry Red again soon. Maybe in a few years time when I'm a financially comfortable working adult! I *may* not spend on luxurious goods often but I swear I will get you…


…at a time when I won't be left with only Jacobs and plain water for a month after the purchase
Just not now, it isn't my time yet 🙁


I even ranted on my Twitter timeline the moment I got so hooked onto it. Sigh. Those following me on Twitter would know this by now, as I have been raving about the bag for 2-3 days now.



Okay, chapter of fantasy over. Thanks for listening. It's back to my MNGs and Forever 21s for now. I'm still a happy girl sans my dream Burberry Nova Heart bag. Or perhaps I'm in denial. I'll never know 🙁

A girl can always (still) dream.