I've always wanted to go to New York city… who doesn't love the Big Apple?

And I finally managed to!


Was greeted to this as I entered Hex & Mayfair.

Even the security guards dressed like the ones in NYC does!

Okay so i didn't really jet set to New York city, it traveled to me instead 😛

When I saw the mock Statue of Liberty on the photowall, I grinned to myself. Can't wait to see the one in real life!


Also, who parties alone? Here are some of my pals whom I brought along with me to the event 😀

The more is always the merrier, I introduce you to :


My girls Kelly and Jessyca


Buddy Zhao


Homie and now neighbour Ceddy!


The dude behind my pretty Blackberry, Eric!


So when we got there, Zhao and I proceeded to the VIP zone to get our drinks to start off the night.

The cocktails available from this bar were Manhattan and Cosmopolitan!


I loved the Cosmopolitan as it was made with Vodka, Triple Sec and Cranberry Juice

But I found the Manhattan a tad too strong for my liking. Maybe something for the guys instead! 😀


We then watched the bartender flarring and doing his thang to make all these yummy concoctions for us.

Apart from free-flow of cocktails, we had our passport to free flow of ice-cold beer too


Also claimed my bottle of Jack Daniels. Thanks 7aste!

Gonna open it for my farewell party with all the buddies before I fly off to Australia in February


I love how parties bring people together over an array of fabulous drinks.

Bumped into more friends here! Some more piccies I'd like to share –


with the newly-shaven head, Andy!

I hope you donated your hair to charity 😛


With the boys Jeremy, Leonard and Bryan 😀 So glad we ain't late!

'Cos we came directly from Ogilvy PR digital influencer's makan session.


In between the two Erics! 😀 😀


There were lotsa performances happening onstage.

Comedian Harith Iskandar was there to tickle everyone's funny bone. I didn't really go up to the front to snap pics of him cos there were too many people and that I was too engrossed in the free-flow of drinks and catching up with people around me!


Lotsa fun and drinks to go around


Oh and actually, I didn't know what to wear for this event!

I reckon the theme is New York city dress code but then again, what do the New Yorkers wear? They are mostly made up of urbanites in contemporary wear, or so I think! 😀 So I just wore whatever I had that personifies that LOL



Double Iconic Ring by Soak Republic, Black rose ring a gift from classmate Jody,

White fedora from Topshop, Lycra spaghetti strap top from MNG,

Wide black clincher from Forever 21, High-waisted motif skirt from River Island


Can pass-lah for tonight. haha 😛


with the girls at our table!


With Tom, from Netherlands babeh!

All I can think about in Holland is not tulips nor windmills, but their space cakes huhuhu 😛


Suddenly, I heard some beatboxing bass booming from the speakers.

All I can think about is, hey.. is Shawn here? Haven't seen him in a while! 😀


And true enough. It was! 🙂

Heard some new "tracks" from him too.


With Shawn after his performance. Was surprised that his hair looks real different now.

It's nicer all done up liddat dood! 😀



Camwhored again with ma gurls.

Which reminds me, I haven't blogged the full post on Zouk Out yet! 😛 Soon soon!


There were lots of tapas food to go around.

The most popular one that night was the fine crust pizza!


Nom nom!

(forgive the bright blue eyeshadow. I think it's hideous as well)


Was trying on a new shade and couldn't be bothered to remove it. and no, I don't like Avatar or Smurf characters.Looks like blue is never and will never be my thing. But at least the blue matches my blue skirt with swatches of purple.


Mikey gets all red as usual LOL


It was already past 12 am, but the drinks never stopped!




Bottles poppin' till we can't stand~

We keep it rockin' till 6am~

New york to london over to japan~

Turn it up turn it up mash it up~

We gonna party like~

Party like, like it's the end of the world!


Grabbin our last bottle with Kevin (also the MC of tonight)! 😀


Had a great time in 7aste, New York. NYC, I'm coming for you! Hmm.. wonder what it has in store for me when I go there one day!

To party lika rockstar, of course 😀