My besties just rang me up this morning excitedly asking if I’ve received my results for this semester. They told me theirs and I felt a little shaky. I mean, what if I don’t deliver perfectly this time around?


Nah. I hope not.


Grabbing my cell immediately, I punched in the numbers of dad’s contact and waited in anticipation. Nope, not getting any respond. Whatever, Dubby and my besties then assured me that I’ll score a straight again like I always do. That helped a little.


After what felt like an entire day, dad’s text messaged beeped in.

And that was when my world disintegrated. Yes, plummeting down to the depths of no tomorrow.


No more a perfect score. No more a flat 4.0 CGPA for me.
Shut up all you morons who think this ain’t a big deal.


It is to me.



You lost an eraser. You cry and rant?
No big deal to me.

Perhaps, what I don’t know about that miserable eraser is that your late grandfather whom you love so much, gave it to you with his dying breath.


So, my B+ for Film Studies?



Oh well, I feel 10% stupider. My intelligence has just been depleted.. just like the ozone layer.

Fuck. Oh wait, I don’t know what that means. I is stupid. *groans*

It just reenacts the experience of my SPM results. That God-forsaken A2 for Bahasa Malaysia. Yeah well, same thing goes again. The B+ is just like an A2. My string of A’s has been tainted by my utter carelessness. Or perhaps my stupidity.

Gahh. I couldn’t care less.