The exam season is driving me nuts.


Like, seriously… who listens to lecture recordings on their MP3 whilst on the elliptical machine and revising her tutorial notes on the RPM bicycle?



Yes. I'm a nerd at heart. It's like this typical kiasu-study and get only As syndrome


Had always been since high school days… I guess ya could never tell huh? 😉



Anyways, mugging to wits end has taken a death toll on my social life and you'd see me no where but home on a Saturday evening. Like I mentioned in this post, I partied with the textbooks on Halloween instead FML 🙁


And at times like that, theboyfie Josh has been the best remedy whenever I needed that breather. Of awesome company and good source of entertainment whenever I'm super-tensed! Mwahs. Thankius.


Now who says ya can't camwhore in a Long Distance Relationship? 😉



And when he was engrossed in doing something (it could be pornography, we wouldn't know right? nyahahaha kidding!) I was busy camwhoring and printing screen all by myself 😀 So he asked me what I was doing making silly faces and smiling to myself.


Whoops! Busted 😀


When he finally realized, we decided to camwhore together anyway.



Pffft. Posers 😛 😛


They say out of sight out of mind, but I say absence makes the heart grow fonder!



Oh and coincidentally, the clock struck 12am and it was the 1st of the month again.


2 more months to our next milestone, the 3rd year beckons! 😀


So yeah, today's our mensiversary again! Yes you read right, it's MENSIVERSARY. Defined as the monthly recurring date of a special event.


Just like an anniversary – only not annual! 🙂



It has been a wonderful 2 year ride with you hun 😀



Cheers for the mark for the beginning of our 3rd year and can't wait to explore Bali! A week at Hard Rock Hotels in January babehhhhh! Woooots!