The feeling of moving into a new place has just lost me. The last time I’ve ever moved was back in 1998, and I’ve been living in that house ever since. Ahh yes, now Uncle Philip and Aunt Karen has just moved from somewhere near Hillcity to Bercham. Much closer to Goddy’s place. Goodie.

Love them lots! Again, I wish to say that they are more than family friends. What happens when you’re within our circle of trust for decades?

Friends ——-> Family

Anyway, here they are. Another one of my loves!

We tried so hard to conceal their abundant gifts only to know that they were already on the way to visit us! *gasp* (It wasn’t planned until the next day!) Whatever, they found out anyway…

I suddenly feel like moving somewhere! *stares in envy*

We went a-visiting to their new crib and I felt that it was indeed cosy! I was especially fond of the awkward couch in the middle of the hallway.

Oh, so Garfield gets all the fun huh?

Well, I’m rather relieved that I’ve at least, finished drawing my card for them. Aunt Karen likes cartoons so I decorated their ‘Happy Housewarming’ card with characters of such. Here’s a lil sneak peak at what I did inside:

Hope I didn’t miss out on anybody’s name! [those who contributed for the gifts, of course]

*warmest hugss*