I've always been a fan of sauna and steam baths, of which I am lucky enough to go anytime I please to the ones available in my gym.

Apart from saunas, the way for me to start off a good week is always by massages. Yes sirree, I go for body massages and reflexologies pretty damn often and I now swear by it


Hey. It's healthy and our bodies need it!



Hence, it was rather fortunate and surprising when I was invited to experience a different kind of sauna and massage altogether.

Now, how different can it be? I pondered prior to my visit to FIR Wellness Spa in Dataran 32, Petaling Jaya.



The huge signage greeted me the moment I stepped in



The interior decor was simple yet rustic.

I loved how natural elements and earth colour tones dominated the spa center



The display of essential oils atop the table 🙂


The boss ST Chua was nice enough to give me a short walkthrough, showing me around the center. He was such a  friendly person!

Apart from being very professional and informative explaining each and everything to me, best part was he was very funny with a great sense of humour too!


Case in point 😀

Such a wacky person. Knew him through a friend Mei Yee



Anyway, I found some decor hanging on the wall similar to the ones I have back at home! 🙂

It was exactly the same but ours was in the form of a table runner and some framed up swatch of carpet.



hey hey what's this! 😀 😀

Something so familiar.


Walked even deeper and explored the center even more.



Some more natural herbs and essential oils on display

I found out that FIR wellness uses Malaysian coconut oils in their massages! How ethnocentric



There are other essential oils such as Lemongrass and Lavender as well

They sell 'em for only 20bucks!



No wonder the place smells so damn good! 😀



It was cooling and well lit as I walked around the insides of the center. On my right, were a number of rooms meant for the saunas.

Individual rooms for privacy! I could see the wooden Far Infra Red sauna machines inside too.



A very amusing thing I discovered was that all the rooms were named after wood types!

The ones I could remember were Oak and Maple 😀



Before I knew it, it was time for me to enter the FIR sauna.

I was supposed to sauna for about 30 minutes before going for the Sarawakian Deep Tissue massage.



Such a spacious sauna – more than what 1 person needs 🙂

I was allowed to bring magazines and my Blackberry into the room as well whoopedoo


There was this radio thing playing during the sauna session too. The amount of benefits an FIR sauna can bring is unbelievable!

Perfect for a remedy of de-stress



In this sauna, we can adjust and control our own temperature!


So different from other saunas! Different from conventional saunas where the heat is more than 180F (82 Celsius) in which one may feel choked and uncomfortable.


Among the stuff I remember the lady (on the radio) saying was that it is good for cell rejuvenation, highly effective for body aches and pains, burns calories, improves skin texture, improve blood circulation and detoxifies our bodies!



There's also this wave technology radiates all around to ensure you have full body coverage

Whoaa was sweating all over lor!



So after drying up and cooling down, I was ushered to the quieter parts of the room.

It was time for my Sarawakian Deep Tissue Massage – my masseur happens to be a true Kuching local of Sarawakian origin!


Ya ought to be quiet as there are other patrons having their massage sessions too


I wouldn't like it if I get rudely awaken by obnoxious people talking LOL


I was told that his massage helps release adhesions (knots) and targets specific areas of discomfort that needs attention.

All their Deep Tissue Massage sessions are performed by professional masseurs from Sarawak. Yay! We all need a true blue Malaysian massage amidst all the Balinese, Chinese, Thai and god-knows-what-other massages 🙂


So I got in, stripped (yes we're supposed to) and laid down on the massage bed to wait for my masseur


If you are kinda prudish or conservative then you can always opt to strip down to your undies instead of being completely au natrale 😉


Let the massage begin!



Sarawakian Deep Tissue massage uses a special technique to access deeper tissues of our body structures

Parts which have never been massaged before!



There were combining sweeping strokes used to create a unified and balance session and helping to relax the nervous system.

I tried so hard not to fall asleep as it was so relaxing! I wouldn't wanna waste a good session like that by sleeping it away, right? 😀




She was damn pro OMG! Some parts of my overstressed anatomy was kneaded real hard

I kept requesting for her to use all her mighty strength as I have a high pain threshold 😀


But she never failed to ask me if her pressure is fine or whether I feel comfortable at any point. Yes. Pain is good (for me)! If you prefer something milder you can always ask. I'm sure she'll gladly oblige.

She's such an accommodating and soft spoken person! 


It was a FULL body massage alright. Everything! From top to toe, back and front.

Except well… don't expect anything unscrupulous! *wags finger*



This ain't some dodgy ya-know-what massage parlour.  Haha! So yes, I had an exceptional afternoon that day trying out something very new (and fabulous) to me. Thank you for a great stress-free week ahead woots!


Go check 'em out for yourselves at www.firwellness.com.my