One evening after a massive night out, I booked myself in for a much-needed massage and a jacuzzi session.

Thanks to Pink Passion The Signature Salon for inviting me over at just the perfect time, as I’d usually end up with muscle aches, sores and feeling like a walking zombie the morning after. (Yes, I party that hard)


It’s a pampering kind of day today!


I entered the familiar, cosy outlet and waited to be ushered into my spa room.


Needless to say, I was enchanted by its ambiance!

I could already foresee an invigorating experience the moment I stepped in.


The cascading fairy lights made the room so much prettier and relaxing!


The lovely ladies welcomed me before leaving me to my privacy to undress completely prior to the massage and Jacuzzi treatment. Wink

I was then told to take a dip in an adorable tub of bubbling lukewarm water and essential oils, also known as the Kneipp Hydrotherapy Jacuzzi treatment.


Let the soothing jets begin!


This Jacuzzi treatment is recommended before a massage session as it allows your masseuse to work on your tissues without much discomfort.

Heh. Hot/warm water in a bath spa does that to you! Big Smile

Did you know that the fall and rise of body temperature promotes relaxation to your muscles, body and improves blood circulation? 


Hi. Laughing


As the recommended time in this bath spa is 20 minutes, you can actually take a nap in it or just shut your eyes and let your mind drift to a faraway place.

Knowing me, I chose to take photos of the jacuzzi and selfies for my social media channels and blogging purposes! Teehee.


The bubbling force of the jets somewhat gave me a pre-massage session!


Propping my feet up. Ahhh.. this is the life!


Jacuzzi bath mugshot?


Fairy lights intrigue me. Oh, they certainly do. Oops


Okay, I’m gonna wrap up the selfie stream now!


After 20 minutes was up, I was told to take a warm rinse in the shower just before the massage session.

I was also provided a shower cap just in case I didn’t want to get my hair wet, and disposable underwear to wear throughout the massage.


A pretty corner of the spa room where I washed up.


Let the Deep Tissue Massage session begin! Ha Ha


My massage therapist turned on the fairy lights for me throughout my session.


But for blogging purposes, I requested for her to turn on the fluorescent lights back on for better lighting in my pictures. ‘Cos obviously, how on earth are you supposed to see the photos if they’re all dark? Surprised


Yes you will be required to be buck naked but rest assured,

you will be decently draped throughout Smile


My massage therapist was a Chinese national and oh goodness me, was she brilliant at her trade of Traditional Chinese Deep Tissue Massage or what!!?! SurprisedCool

She emphasizes mainly on your upper back but never fails to appease your limbs and other sections of your body as well.

I’m quite a regular at spa centers hence I do know a good massage when I experience one! This one definitely earns a spot in my good books.


This is perfect for muscular tension, discomfort,

sore muscles from sports or workouts and aches in general.


Traditional Chinese Deep Tissue massage targets the deep tissue structure of the fascia and muscles, referred to as the connective tissue.

I must say, this is extremely therapeutic in cases of stiff neck, tightness in lower back and soreness in the shoulders!

The way it works is by breaking down the adhesion, giving relief from pain, restoring mobility and releases the built-up toxins by loosening muscle tension.


I actually dozed off at one point LOLOL. 


 Before I knew it, she lightly tapped me on my shoulder and proceeded to turn me over on my back for the frontal massage.


 She began with my head and scalp Embarassed


As she continued towards my arms, core and lower body, she hit all the right trigger points, deep tissues and took away all my tension!

The pressure was just right as well; with just enough strength to untangle my very-tangled stressed self LOL.


I actually insisted for the most intense/strongest one.Ahh!

Not sure if you enjoy being in ‘pain’ like I do but you can always request for a lighter pressure anytime! 



An hour later, I felt relaxed and comforted.  Still Dreaming

Admittedly, I did feel a tad sore the next day but hey, I asked for such immense  massage strength I believe was enough to last me several months!

Oh and remember, H20 is your best friend! Smile1

Being properly hydrated before you go for this massage is highly recommended and drinking plenty of water after the session is encouraged. With toxins released, blood and oxygen can circulate more efficiently around your system.


 Thank you, Pink Passion for a splendid day of pampering and relaxation!


Want to experience a day like mine too? Big Smile

Specially for my readers, you can use the voucher below to get the Kneipp Hydrotherapy Jacuzzi treatment + Traditional Chinese Deep Tissue Massage at only RM58 instead of RM138. Just mention ‘TheJessicat’!

Have a marvelous time! Ha Ha



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