Hi folks! I’m back in sunny island Penang for the weekend!


Grabbing lunch this afternoon at Chili’s, G-Hotel Penang


This time round’s homecoming is made specifically for two reasons. To celebrate my parents’ birthday, as well as to attend and interview Emma Hewitt at her dance music concert tomorrow in QEII, Penang.

She’s an amazing talent and has an impressive vocal range to boot! I’m such a fan of hers and it would be such an honour to be able to rave along with and speak to my favourite trance vocalist tomorrow. 

Speaking of talents and music, I’d like to introduce you a local effort worth checking out.

Enter: 2crank! 



Here’s a quick background on what 2crank is all about 


  • 2Crank is a newly launched music portal company that seeks new talents, like music bands, solo artists, musical instrument players and basically all independent musicians!
  • It provides several platforms for new talents to get recognized and discovered in the music industry. For example:
    • 2crank Amplified: A series of gigs designed to give local artists a chance to perform and be discovered
    • 2crank TV: Youtube channel showcasing the various performances hosted/sponsored by 2crank
  • The focus of 2crank is exclusively on music and the talents themselves. A full package of music videos and music albums are aggregated specially for  new talents!
  • New talents have an opportunity to earn through our aggregations and ranking system via social media platforms.


One of the largest events that 2crank has recently organized in conjunction with Malaysia Day, is the Malaysia Day Band Fest 2013 which was a glorious showcase of local Malaysian bands and artists.

Check out some of our popular local acts that rocked the stage! 




My personal favourites are An Honest Mistake and Wanted Symphony as the band members of both bands consists of my own friends!

Hmmm… I could probably be a little biased about this preference, haha!  Moving on..

​Many different local indie and cover bands hit centre stage and stole the limelight during the festival.


Why should you get onto 2crank and sign up?

If you like discovering new, independent music instead of the over-commercialized and repetitive ones you hear practically everywhere, you would probably find 2crank a breath of fresh air! 

This is because 2crank will constantly update you on local rising stars, latest talents and artists to watch, as well as upcoming gigs that feature our local talents.

Oh and, talents can upload, promote and sell their music internationally on 2crank. $$$


So be sure to let your musically and vocally talented friends know about this!  If they have the voice to die for and the skills of all things music, why not give them some extra exposure and a shot to fame?

Excellent way to kick-start their music career, if you ask me. They’ll thank you for it later.



Support our home-grown talents and local industry by signing up with 2crank!  Made in Malaysia, baby!

Over and out. Goodnight! This is Jessicat speaking, always in support for local efforts.



[highlight style=”yellow” ]For more information about 2crank and how to be part of it, check these channels out:[/highlight]

Visit their official website at: 2crank.com.my

LIKE them on Facebook at: facebook.com/2crankmusic

Watch them on YouTube at: youtube.com/user/2crankmusic

Tune in to them on Soundcloud at: soundcloud.com/2crank

Follow them on Twitter at: twitter.com/2crankmusic