The KDU Ball – Reflections, also known as our prom night. is happening in approximately 19hours from now. Wow, is it really worth all the hullabaloo? With the Mr & Ms KDU competition, performances, dinner and such? I don’t know, but hey, it surely is an event worth looking forward to. Your regular everyday-looking classmates and collegemates looking oh-so-gorgeous on that night, your lecturers putting their best foot forward, just a ball to have fun, eat, drink and be merry!

I bet most of the ladies and (some) men are doing all it takes lest a zit won’t strategically erupt itself in the center of their noses. Ah well, exfoliate my dears, exfoliate!

Ladies making hair, make-up, facial, dress measurements and yes, even dental appointments, so I’ve heard.

( -_-“)

What then, is my agenda for tomorrow? I’m just gonna work out at the gym with Randall and Choki tomorrow morning, chill in the steam bath or sauna after that and hang out in Gurney and yeah get someone to do my hair and make-up and I’m all set!

Oh, and, I still don’t know which dress to wear. Whatever, come what may and let the fate begin! May the best dress wins my choice!

Watch out Prom Nite, here the Mass Commers come!
Look out for the pictures! I promise—– =)