I've said time and time again about how much I enjoy theme parties, fancy dress parties or costume parties of any sort.

The thrill lies in going to a party as someone/something else, you bet!


To date, I've rocked up according to lots of themes; often as an individual, but not this time round.


So… prepare for trouble!

And this time, make it double! 😉


Childhood friends of mine would know how much of a Pokemon aficionado I was – or, am still, to be exact. Heck, remember when I was zealously addicted to the newly launched Pokemon Black on Nintendo DS written in this post?

I used to know  all (then) 151 Pokemon names by heart and all the soundtracks too.


So… who am I? 🙂

Does it ring a bell yet?


Okay, guessing game's over!


Thankfully, my fellow Pokemon fan and partner-in-crime, Kon and I decided to go as this dynamic duo.

Watch out Fancy Dress Party, here we come!



Make way for….




If you've been living under a rock or had a deprived childhood of not knowing who they are, allow us to introduce ourselves in this video –




I've always loved villains of any movie, of any kind. Maybe cos I'm morbid like that.

And so, I dolled up on the night of the Fancy Dress party to look the best I can to be one-half of this wicked duo while my partner James was also getting ready 3 doors down the road.



Hmmm… not too bad replica, right? 😛

She's my hero!



It was a very, very spontaneous idea, in fact.

Kon and I were just talking about the upcoming Fancy Dress Party over Facebook chat one night and randomly dished out ideas of what would be nice to go as. And suddenly, we conjured the idea of going together as the dynamic duo we are.


Going as individuals are a very common thing, everyone would go as individuals.

So what will really make one stand out from the crowd?


Two heads are always better than one, and packs a bigger punch too!


What could be better than Team Rocket?


To protect the world from devastation

To unite all peoples within our nation



To denounce the evils of truth and love

To extend our reach to the stars above







Team Rocket blast off at the speed of light

Surrender now, or prepare to fight!


Oh and here's a trivia if you didn't already know, Jessie and James of Team Rocket are not a couple nor a romantic pair!

They're partners, or in other words, a duo. (I used to think they were siblings when I was 10 years old!)


But a very adorable duo if I do say so myself! 😀

That's why I love them so much, and they're kick ass too!


Wicked, ey?


This post is dedicated to my absolute love for Team Rocket and commemorating the awesomeness of this tag-team!


But what's coming up next will be…

The entire Fancy Dress party! Lotsa pics with my buddies all dressed up as insane characters too!


Oh and, it was fun when we browsed online for the costumes and surveyed the prices $$$

If any cosplayers are interested, E-bay and Milanoo has custom-made gears you can look out for. 


It takes up to 3 weeks to reach you, so ya ought to plan in advance!


This is Team Rocket, signing off!