woo-hoo! Prom nite is over and done with!
The verdict? It was generally a good evening; with lotsa socializing, food, performances, fun, snapping piccies and just more mingling around! But post-prom was a helluva blast with more partayyyyying!

Thanks to all who dropped comments and gave suggestions regarding my prom dress dilemma in my previous post. The decision was made after weighing everybody’s opinions in my blog and in real life. Ultimately, the black cocktail tube dress prevailed; except that I decided to spruce it up a little to make it chic, due to the fact that  wearing that by itself, would be bland and boring.


Thanks mum and kakak, for chauffeuring me to Gurney Hotel!

i arrived and mingled around in the lobby with Wanida, Micheal A, Ms. Felicia, Momen & Shakira before proceeding upstairs to the Grand Ballroom. Most of us were just chilling outside the ballroom before we actually entered it.

We indulged in lotsa chit-chatting and socializing even whilst inside. The event began with an opening performance from the finalists of Mr & Ms. KDU 2007. All I can say about the dance is, it was urmm…. cute? Yeah, CUTE. lol.

Food arrived and performances were conducted to keep us entertained – band and solo performances from the very own people we know! Then, more catwalk, Q&A and talent rounds by our dear finalists.

Again, more mingling and rubbing shoulders with everyone and everywhere.

Lucky draws wasn’t so lucky for me, as I received some horrid looking bag. Hmm, the last I saw it was when Jeevs gave it to Mr. Mark just to pull his legs. Okay, at least I know that the dumbfuck bag had found a home! muahhahhaha! take care of it, Mr. Mark! Hmm..Denise wasn’t as lucky either. She had won herself a paperbag containing KDU caps and other thingamajigs. The rest? I didn’t seem to catch what they received.

The lucky ass I knew had just walked away with a television! Watch out Ken, I’ll rob you tonight! And some other lucky peeps won a Bali trip. I’ll make sure I’ll double up my luck next time! Grrr

Oh and, coincidentally, Rina and I had the same dress! lol goodness me

Towards the end of the night, the results were tabulated and announcing

Mr. & Ms. KDU ‘o7 – Derry Lim & Kim Juri!!

They truly deserve it after 2months of sheer hard work. Congrats to both of you!

Then, the post-prom! wOo-hOo!
We headed straight to QE II first and had a couple of Vodkas as well as Bacardi.

 We basically just chilled at the al-fresco area for a moment . Then, I left for UPR soon after.

Went straight in with Steph and Shino. Met up with Rhendy, Kelvin and the rest at Glo, partied with Janice, Joyce Loh and others at SS and danced the night away. Coincidentally, I bumped into some friends –  old friends, new friends alike, and joined them as well. Drop it like it’s hot!

Whoa. The night was ravving mad. Had some supper afterwards, and crashed into bed all drained soon after. zzzz

Back to college-style peeps…. zzzzzzZZZZ

ps – more prom pictures in in Friendster & Facebook soon! Gotta go meet up Benj now.